Beyhadh 2 Written update 9th December 2019: Rudra saves Maya

Episode begins with Maya opens a box and kept the money inside the box remembering the past memories. She writes life made you stand what we have done before as well. Whatever happens today had happened before and what will happen next will be sowed today. Rudra is in the classes and practices where Ananya calls him but he disconnects her call when Maya comes there and again defeats Rudra in the challenge and gives him time and place and says don’t be late as I don’t like to wait for people. Rishi gets up from sleep and wished Maya morning and thinks she must be sleeping now but Maya is in the venue and is waiting for Rudra. Whereas MJ is trying to track the location of Rudra cause Amir secretly install a tracker in his car without his notice. MJ says I need every single report about Rudra.

Rudra reaches the spot and thinks about the place to be weird. The nameplate of the building is Swarg Drashan and Maya assigns him the job of reaching at the top of the building before Maya and Rudra says I will crack it soon. Maya smiles to see his hunger to win and Rudra did reach the top floor of the building before her by stairs whereas she is reaching there by lift and she is already did some technical error in the lift so that at the end moment something happened to her and Rudra has to come to save her. Rudra saved Maya from falling down and rescued her. Maya says to Rudra this is what is your test is and is pull out the harness rope from the back of her dress and says I want to check if the state level athlete still has the same charm or not? Rudra gets shocked to know that she has attached herself with this rope throughout.

Aamir is trying to locate the car of Rudra but it is missing from the location and thinks if Rudra finds out about the tracker or not? Rudra says is this your test? Maya says I am not willful but passionate about living so neither I will die nor I will let you die. Rudra holds herself close to him and asks what is your actual motive? what do you want? Maya says if you touch me without my permission from next time, then it will be you are crossing one such limit beyond which there is no way to come back. She leaves from there saying the thought of winning from Maya is the sign of losing at first place, leaves Rudra baffled. Maya gets a call
from his informer that the helper of MJ almost reach you and Maya says almost and successful is two different things and says my day went as expected. Rishi is about to reach the house of Maya and will meet her mother but she changed the entire plan at last moment by lighting up a cigerrate and Rishi runs from there for his life by colliding with Maya and didn’t even noticed her. Maya at night writes if you want to test a person then put him in danger either he will save himself or will save the humanity inside him. Rudra did proceed towards his defeat today by winning the race.

Precap – Maya gives a challenge to Rudra to be active in the fight till 4.44 seconds and Rudra asks her if the number is something special?