Beyhadh2 Written Update 5th December 2019: Maya shows her pscyho avtaar!

Episode begins with Maya is writing story that one came in the anoither life as love and in another life as challenge. Rishi is being asked by his friends for a birthday party and he says I am no more into girls but women. Hot,sexy, and smart woman and his friend says she is not your type and we want Rudra brother then. Rudra comes in the office with candy floss to make Ananya feel better as he was rude to her for no reason and he says sorry to her. Rudra says to Ananya I don’t love you and you know that and she says it is ok it is my feelings and who knows someday you can gain feelings for me. MJ did experiment on two living people to check the incident happened to Rishi is real or fake? He concluded that someone purposely is trying to harm my kids and I need to find out. Netra starts to panic in the house thinking that someone tried to kill her son and Deeya is trying hard to manage her. On the other hand, Rishi is seeing Maya everywhere completely forgetting his class. Ananya asks Rudra what will she do with you in these three days?

Rudra says it is just a stupid challenge, Like stupid Maya has stupid ideas as she is psycho enough. Maya behaves innocently with Rishi and gets into his care and Maya is trying to hide herself in the restaurant from all. She covers her face with the menu card and says we have a huge gap between our age. Rishi says the difference is of thoughts and nothing else. Rishi orders for two coffees and Maya again hides her face when Rishi says you know what? My father used to say that the eyes of a human is the true face of the people. Netra is not well due to taking medicines and MJ says to Deeya be with her until she is okay. Rishi is being caring for Maya as she burns her hand with hot coffee in front of him.

She says whenever someone touches me I feel he touched me again and that is why I asked you to stay away from me. In the house Rudra and Rishi are engaging in Karaoke together and Netra and MJ is getting happy to see them so happy. MJ says Rishi is in love and I can say that as he is my son whereas his worker informed him Rudra also has someone in his life and that is an investors. Rishi brings MJ for the Karaoke session all cheerfully and he joins them while Rudra is miffed with him and is about to leavbe but stops for the sake of his brother. Maya is trying to wash her hand where Rishi touched her as it is triggering all her memories of the past horrific incidents. She informs her mother that she got a new job and her mother says I will may halwa to celebrate this. She says I will make tiffin for you so don’t have any food from outside. Her mom says wish your father is with us then he will be so happy. Maya wished her good night and says I need to sleep so that I can leave early tomorrow. Maya says a shloka and says to make the truth win we have to leave everything happiness, sadness everything. She says that is why the loss of blood never remains in your hand in the war of truth.

Precap – MJ gets to know someone is making Rudra do unlike things and he wants to know about that person asap. He asks Amir to find out about the investor of Rudra. Maya meets Rudra and snatches his phone and says from now three days you’ll do things as per my wish.