Bhagya Lakshmi: Lakshmi will receive blessings?

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Zee TV popular show Bhagya Lakshmi is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline, Dadi asks Rishi and Lakshmi to take Ahana to the temple has glued the audience to the screens.
As reported earlier Malishks complains that Rishi didn’t support her. Ayush lectures Malishka then she messages sorry to Rishi. Dadi says to Virendra tomorrow Lakshmi is going to take Ahana to the temple as per tradition as Neelam can’t move. Rishi tells Lakshmi that Gujral praised her food for formality. Mrs. Gujral calls Lakshmi and praises her food and gets to know rajma chawal recipe. Lakshmi tells Rishi they liked my food genuinely. Dadi comes there.

She asks Lakshmi to take Ahana to Kuldevi temple without eating anything as Neelam is not in a condition to take them. Lakshmi agrees. The next day, Dadi asks Rishi to take them to the pooja and asks him to sit in the pooja. Malishka says she can take Ahana with Rishi. Dadi says only the wedded bahu can do this, along with her husband.
In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Pandit Ji in the temple will bless Lakshmi to have a long marital life and blesses her husband to have a long life and to have children. Krishna will say we shall show the right place to Lakshmi. Lakshmi will rush to hold an old man outside the temple. Malishka will say how she is, she touches anybody. The old man will bless Lakshmi. Lady Pandit will tell Lakshmi that the blessing came from the heart, which will be fulfilled.

She looks at Rishi and says markesh, save your husband. Rishi will shout Lakshmi’s name and runs. Malishka will stand shocked.
What happened to Lakshmi? How Malishka react to Rishi’s care for Lakshmi?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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