Bhagya Lakshmi Weekly Update: Malishka agrees to marry Viraj to get Rishi.

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Zee TV Popular show Bhagya Lakshmi is attracting viewers withinteresting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have gluedaudience to screen’s.

This week Bhagya lakshmi begins with Rishi and Malishka makes eachother jealous using Viraj and Lakshmi. Malishka feels insecureseeing Rishi dance with Lakshmi than at end of dance Malishka says it’s punjabi theme so dance can’t be closed without Fukdi and sheasks Lakshmi to compete with her, Rishi tries to stop Lakshmi but she tells him that nothing can happens to herbthan both holds theirhands and spins fastly but Malishka leavesher hands in the middle.Rishi saves Lakshmi on time and Ayush gets angry than he warns Malishka in a message. Malishka apologizes to Lakshmi for hermistake. Dadaji makes an announcement that he along with Abhaydecided that Viraj’s roka will happen with Malishka day aftertomorrow. Everyone gets shocked.

Malishka tells to Viraj that she won’t marry him. Viraj goes to talkwith his Grandfather. Dada ji asks him to think for another 15minutes than he asks Lakshmi to make Viraj agree to thismarriage as it benifit to her to as her friend Malishka gets good partner, than Lakshmi convinces Viraj for his marriage than he asks her to make Malishka agree with Rishi help. Rishi asks Malishka tobreak her marriage than Malishka promise to Rishi that she will calloff her marriage with Viraj if he breaks his marriage with Lakshmi.Rishi agrees to Malishka’s demand and tell her that he is ready tomarry her. Malishka hugs him and said she is happy with thisrelationship. Lakshmi cames there and tells them i didn’t expect thisfrom you and questions Rishi why he likes to fool her. Rishi tells her he can explain her.

Viraj tells his decision to Dada ji that he is ready for the marriage,Dada ji feels happy and tells to Abhay that Lakshmi willnot care for her life to save someone but she will never accept lieand betrayal from others so nothing wrong will happen with her asshe may destroy everything in her anger. Abhay tells to Kiran it isbetter for everyone if Malishka forget Rishi as Rishi was marriedand will never return in her life. Kiran says Mailshka won’t agree.Out of misunderstanding Lakshmi informs to everyone thatMalishka agrees to marry Viraj. Everyone gets ovejoyed. Dada jiinforms to everyone thay Day after tomorrow will be the engagement of Malishka and Viraj and he invites everyone.

Rishi returns to home angrily. Lakshmi thinks what happened to himthan she asks Sudeep if Neelam and Virendra came to home. Sudeepsays they returned and he gave tablets to Virendra According to her suggestion. Malishka recalls Rishi coudnt talk infront of Lakshmithan she calls Viraj and tells him that she is ready to marry him andrefuses to attend Rishi calls.

 Ayush asks Sudeep to get food than he goes to inform it to Virendra that Malishka is getting married but henotices Virendra is sleeping and he tries to wake up him but Neelamgains conscious and tells to Virendra that someone entered to theirroom. Neelam switches on the light and Virendra notices Ayushleaving to balcony. Neelam saw curtain moving and she sent himgiving vase. Virendra manages her telling it’s cat and he goes out to drink water. Neelam too goes than Ayush escapes from room.

Ayush informs to Virendra about Malishka alliance with Viraj.Virendra feels super happy. Lakshmi reduces the tension of Rishiwhen he gets confused about his feelings. Lakshmi asks Rishi to callViraj. Viraj attends Rishi call and asks if Malishka has an affair withsomeone from his family as I don’t want her to agree in pressure asshe informed me that she is ready for marriage. Rishi says no, ifagreed to marry you than she mean it. 
Lakshmi says marriage is alifetime commitment and everyone wants a good lifepartner who isLoyal, she finds love band and questions Rishi what is it? you toldme that you given this to Malishka, did you take back your gifts because of your fight with her? She tells him it’s not good and asks him to settle his issues with Malishka returning band but she feels something is wrong.

Kiran tells to Malishka that if Rishi really loves you then he willunderstand that he can live without the person who loves him but hecan’t live without whom he loves. Malishka says that is me. Nextday Malishka comes to Rishi’s house and tells to everyone that Virajand her alliance get fixed. Everyone looks shocked. Neelam takes Malishka with her to room and questions what’s she doing than Malishka tells to Neelam that if Rishi wants to stay with me than hehas to break his marriage with Lakshmi as I can’t wait for an year to hear the rejection. Neelam gets shocked.

In the upcoming episodes, Neelam tells to Rishi that they can’t accept Malishka if he marries her. Malishka asks Kiran to make her arrangements for marriage. Lakshmi asks Pandit ji to bless Viraj and Malishka. Rishi asks Malishka to stop her drama by revealing their affair to Viraj. Malishka tries to leave and Rishi follows her. Viraj asks Lakshmi if something happened between them.

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