Bhagya Lakshmi Weekly Update: Rishi and Malishka makes eachother jealous using Viraj and Lakshmi.

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Zee TV Popular show Bhagya Lakshmi is attracting viewers withinteresting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have gluedaudience to screen’s.

This week Bhagya lakshmi begins with Lakshmi gets busy tone when she tries to contact Malishka and Malishka blockes Rishinumber when she didn’t receive call from Rishi in the whole night.Rishi hurriedly gets ready and throws his towel on bed. Lakshmitakes that towel and he sees Love band in file than he calls Malishkabut it won’t connect than he collides with Lakshmi and warns her tonot work until she gets fine and asks her to apply ointment to herburned hand than he leaves. Shalu comes to Lakshmi’s house but shecollides with Ayush and they teases eachother than Shalu goes toLakshmi room and applies ointment to her than Lakshmi tella hershe is feeling guilty for doubting Rishi. Sonia scolds Devika forteasing Ayush with Shalu name.

Rishi goes to Malishka house where he confronts Makishka forblocking his number than Malishka says  he blocked her from hislife. Rishi asks if she is jealous? My heart is yours and rememberthat I came here because of Lakshmi so trust me. Servant gave herbag than she told to him that she is going to Viraj. Rishi stops Malishka by throwing her car keys and he tells her that Lakshmi isjust my friend and whenever I am with you than I feel different andcrazily mad and in that mode  I can take anyone’s life, even my ownand If I ever love Lakshmi than I won’t even look at you. Malishkarefuses to listen him and told him that she is going to meet Virajthan Rishi leaves blocking her number. Kiran advises Malishka todon’t make Rishi went near to Lakshmi with her attitude but shedidn’t listen.

Old lady comes to Rishi house and she begs Lakshmi to give food to her husband. Lakshmi donates her ration,money along with food. Old lady leaves after giving her blessings. Karishma sees everything and shr scolds Lakshmi for her donation than Neelam supports Lakshmi than Karishma feels she got insulted because of Lakshmi than she thought Malishka may not do anything but I will destroyLakshmi’s life than she calls Kiran and asks if she will support her to unite Rishi and Malishka. Kiran agrees. Lakshmi comes to Karishma room with milkshake and she asks her to forgive her if she was hurt because of her. Karishma leaves says age is not her favourite.

Sudeep informs to Rishi that Lakshmi was hurt. Rishi gets frustratedknowing Lakshmi was sad than he asks Lakshmi about reasonbehind her sadness. Lakshmi tells him how Karishma misunderstoodher than Rishi talked to Karishma and made her understand that hecares for Lakshmi than Karishma forgives Lakshmi for Rishi.Lakshmi feels happy with Rishi gesture. Ayush teases Shalu on the way which makes her irritated than she tells to Conestsble thst hewas teasing her. Conestsble about to take Ayush but Rano saves himon time. Ayush drops them at their place.

Malishka comes to Rishi’s house.  Lakshmi notices her behaviourwith Rishi and asks if they both had a fight? Malishka says yes, it’sbecause of you Lakshmi as Rishi left me in the middle of meeting.Viraj comes inside and invitea Neelam and others for his Dada ji’sbirthday. Neelam says they can’t attend because of her friendsdaughter marriage than Viraj requests her to send Rishi, Lakshmiand Ayush. Neelam agrees than Malishka tells them theme of partyis popular bollywood characters. Dadi senses Karishma is planningsomething against Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Rishi to get ready likeRaanjhanaa and she about to get ready like Heer but she notices herdress is spoiled and it’s shown how Karishma and Sonia spoiled herdress and asked Kiran to make Malishka as Heer.

At birthday party Kiran and Malishka meets Viraj grandfather and he asks Kiran about her husband. Kiran tells him they were divorced and she feels surprised seeing her husband coming to party. Karishma asks Rishi to sent car to Lakshmi stating they are gettinglate to wedding. Rishi agrees but that time Lakshmi came outwearing Heer’s costume than Rishi calls her Heer and tells her she islooking beautiful. Karishma and Sonia feels irritated with their flopattempt. Lakshmi arrives to party and Dada ji recognised her and heshares to Viraj that how he wants to perform his marriage withLakshmi but she already got married. Rishi ignors Malishka atfunction. Ayush brings Shalu to the party. Kiran asks Malishka to dosomething before Rishi’s heart stop beating for her. Malishka recallshow Rishi felt jealous seeing her dance with Viraj than she thinksthat she knows how to get Rishi.

Lakshmi tells to Rishi that she knows the reason for Malishka’sanger at him as she came in his life. Rishi asks what she meant than Lakshmi asks Rishi to give time to Malishka. Rishi says she is so good thsn Lakshmi says no as I doubted you. Both shares good moment which angers Malishka and she acts close to Viraj infront of Rishi. Dadaji tells to Abhay that he fells Malishka and Viraj was in love. Shalu too supports it. Rishi too makes Malishka jealous using Lakshmi.

In the upcoming episodes, Dadaji makes an announcement that he along with Abhay decided that Viraj’s roka will happen with Malishka day after tomorrow. Later Dadaji tells to Lakshmi that Viraj and Malishka’s marriage will be good for you as I saw something which others didn’t noticed, Lakshmi looks on. Malishka tells to Rishi that she will break her marriage with Viraj but he has to break her marriage with Lakshmi. Rishi says I agree to break my marriage with Lakshmi and will marry you now itself. Malishka hugs him. Lakshmi comes there and looks at them.

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