BhagyaLakshmi 11th June 2024 Written Update: Lakshmi gets into a heated argument with Shalu

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The episode starts with Anchal comes to Lakshmi and accuses Lakshmi of helping Parvati escape from the court. Lakshmi says she just realised it is a waste of time to talk to them and tries to leave. Aanchal asks Lakshmi if she doesn’t understand that it is disrespect and insult to leave without talking in the middle. Lakshmi reminds Aanchal’s behaviour and says that’s an insult and comments on it. Lakshmi says she will do anything for her daughter and leaves from there. Rishi also goes after Lakshmi.

Ayush drops Shalu and Parvati at the bus stop. Shalu thanks Ayush. Shalu asks Ayush to leave and says only then can she start her journey. Ayush says good bye to Parvati and asks Parvati to call him if she misses him. Parvati agrees. Shalu asks Ayush to promise her that he will not tell anyone that he dropped them here. Ayush promises Shalu and leaves from there.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to stop. Lakshmi argues with Rishi and says to Rishi that she doesn’t need his help to search for Parvati. Rishi asks Lakshmi why is he thinking like that. Lakshmi reminds Rishi that he stayed silent when they were inside the Oberoi mansion. Rishi tries to explain to Lakshmi but Lakshmi doesn’t listen to him and leaves from there.

Shalu and Parvati meet Ishita at the bus stand. Shalu says to Ishita about what happened with Parvati. Ishita asks Shalu where is Lakshmi. Shalu says she hasn’t told Lakshmi about it. Ishita asks Shalu to call Lakshmi right away. Shalu calls Lakshmi and asks her to call to come to the bus stand right away saying Parvati is with her. Lakshmi agrees.

Shalu asks Ishita to handle Lakshmi as Lakshmi will scold her a lot once she comes here.

Lakshmi comes to the bus stand. Lakshmi meets Parvati. Shalu and Ishita at the bus stand. Lakshmi learns from Shalu that she escaped Parvati from the court. Ishita takes Parvati away from there.

Lakshmi after knowing that Shalu helped escape Parvati from jail. Lakshmi argues with Shalu about it. Shalu says to Lakshmi what she overheard when Malishka was talking with the lawyer. Shalu says Malishka’s lawyer would have really sent Parvati to jail for a long time and Parvati’s life would have been destroyed. Shalu says she couldn’t allow that to happen. Lakshmi argues with Shalu that due to her taking Parvati away, Parvati is accused of trying to escape the law and it is a big crime. Lakshmi and Shalu argue about it. Shalu asks Lakshmi to go to Ishita’s village as there is a marriage going on and they can hike there. Lakshmi doesn’t agree to it. Lakshmi decides to take Parvati to the court.

Anushka questions Ayush where waa he as she hasn’t seen him from the middle of court hearing. Ayush says he was around and she might have missed him. Anushka understands Ayush will not tell her the truth and she decides to confront him with proof.

Karishma reveals to Harleen that Neelam is coming home. Harleen comments on Karishma.

Malishka and Anushka come to the police station and argue with the cops about why they haven’t found Parvati till now. The cops send them away telling them to allow the cops to do their job.

Episode ends.

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