Bhagyalakshmi 12th July 2021 Written Update: Bhagya gifts a saree to Selvi

Bhagyalakshmi 12th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhagya paying the fees for driving school. Bhagya gets introduced to her trainer and she goes with her. Her trainer asks her to sit on bike and Bhagya panics. Trainer says she will help her. She asks her to remove side stand and Bhagya sits on it with fear. Trainee starts explaining each and every feature. Bhagya excitedly starts the vehicle. The trainer gives a demo. Bhagya says she will do and sits on vehicle. Trainer sits behind her and Bhagya at first raises the speed too high. Trainer asks her to increase the speed slowly.

Selvi is doing household chores while Jenny is tallying the masala accounts. They hear baby crying sound. Ishwari asks about it and Selvi says it’s neighbourhood baby. Ishwari wishes to have a baby in the house too and asks Jenny to plan a baby. Selvi asks Ishwari if she saw Bhagya very happy over something and asks her to question Bhagya herself. Bhagya comes a home while Ishwari asks her to question her. Ishwari asks where she went and Bhagya says she went to store. Selvi checks her bag only to find one masala ingredient. Bhagya in order to divert the topic starts gossiping with Ishwari. She makes Ishwari scold Selvi turning her against Selvi for making Ishwari question her. Ishwari too brushes off Selvi’s words.

Ishwari comes to see Bhagya and Selvi working with Jenny in masala work. Bhagya’s account gets credited with money of Rs. 14000. She gets shocked about who sent so much money to her. Jenny says she got money for her online delivers. Ishwari is surprised and praises Bhagya for her successful business. Ishwari says Bhagya that the place is very hot and asks her to start a business in a separate house once her business widens. Selvi asks how come her mother in law suddenly supporting her. Bhagya says she always supports her asks Ishwari isn’t it true.

Ishwari says yes. Selvi says she has been working here for past 14 years and says she knows the truth. Bhagya gifts a saree to Selvi which she got from her return from Madurai. Selvi is elated and thanks Bhagya as it’s been years since she got a new saree. Selvi also requests her to give her money on monthly basis instead of daily wages as she couldn’t save it. Ishwari too agrees with her and asks Bhagya to pay 10000 per month including for her masala works and Bhagya agrees.

At night, Bhagya is folding clothes and Ramamoorthy asks why so late. Bhagya says she had lots of works and also says about planning for making new ingredients like prawn pickle as suggested by Dhanam. Ramamoorthy asks her to make it when the price is low and also says he will find connections for the same. Gopi gets his friend’s call who asks him to find Gujarati menu caterer for an occasion. Bhagya and Ezhil looks expectant at Gopi.