BhagyaLakshmi 13th February 2024 Written Update: Parvati questions Lakshmi about her father

BhagyaLakshmi 13th February 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Lakshmi getting appreciated for saving the girls in the school. Parvati says to Lakshmi that she is proud of her. The principal gives a holiday to Parvati and asks Lakshmi to take her home. Lakshmi takes Parvati with her. On the other side, Rishi takes Rohan to school.


On the way, Lakshmi asks Parvati why she risked her life without taking the help of others. Parvati rebukes her. Parvati says oyi Baba in pain. Shalu asks Parvati, why she said baba. Parvati says she said just like it. Lakshmi thinks about Rishi. She recalls how he used to say the same. Lakshmi asks Shalu to drop them in the middle way and says they leave on a shortcut. Shalu agrees and drops them.

Rishi and Rohan are in the car. Rohan asks Rishi about his mother. Rishi stays silent. Lakshmi asks Parvati why she said Baba when she was hurt. Parvati says she is missing her father and asks her to tell her about her father. Lakshmi tries to divert Parvati but Parvati stays stubborn and demands Lakshmi to tell her about her father. Lakshmi says he is lost somewhere and far from them. Parvati asks if he is in the city. Lakshmi recalls how Rishi broke her heart. She gets tears. Parvati asks Lakshmi to not feel sad and promises Lakshmi that she will search for her father in the city when she grows up. They leave from there.

In the night, Lakshmi sees Parvati sleeping like her father. She recalls how she and Rishi chose that they have to name their daughter Parvati and son Rohan. She kisses Parvati’s forehead.

The next day, Rohan uses a technique to wake up Rishi which reminds Rishi of Lakshmi. Rohan asks Rishi where he lost. Rishi says nothing. Rohan tells Rishi that Dadi will wait for them. They go to get ready.

Dadi and others wait for Rishi and Rohan in the mandir. Rohan and Rishi join their family for Puja. Parvati asks Shalu to take her to school in the tractor. Shalu reminds her that they didn’t own it. Parvati asks Shalu to not send their money to Rano so they can buy a tractor. That time Rano calls Shalu and asks her to sends the money.

Client offers a deal to Rishi. Rishi throws him out. Manager informs Rishi that Principal is calling him to school. Rishi leaves for school. Helper informs Lakshmi that Principal is calling her.

Rishi meets Principal. Principal tells Rishi that they are sending students to the Village for a cultural exchange program and some of the selected village kids will come here.

Episode ends.

Precap – The principal informs Rishi that Rohan is going to Gurdaspur. Parvati convinces Lakshmi to send her to the town in an exchange program. Rishi calls the Gurudaspur school principal. Lakshmi picks up the call.

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