Bhagyalakshmi 13th July 2021 Written Update: Bhagya narrowly escapes from getting caught.

Bhagyalakshmi 13th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gopi saying that he would find a chef for sure and cuts the call. Ezhil enquires the details when he says his friend wants to plan a get together for his son’s success. He wants to find a cook for it. Ezhil says that why should he search outside when they have a chef at home referring to Bhagya. Gopi says that they ask for Gujarati cuisine but Bhagya is not expert at other cuisines over South Indian.

Bhagya says she can learn it for sure but Gopi still doesn’t believe her. Ezhil and Jenny assures that Bhagya will excel it but Gopi is still unsure. Bhagya and everyone pleads him to give the order to Gopi but Gopi escapes making an excuse. Everyone retires disappointed to their room while Ishwari waits with Ezhil and Bhagya to discuss something with Gopi.

Gopi comes there and Ishwari asks him to forgive Chezhiyan as he’s upset. Bhagya too asks him to forgive Chezhiyan as he’s shoeing showing his hatred unnecessarily on Jenny creating a rift between them. Ishwari also adds that Chezhiyan didn’t even book the house as they were angry at him despite having a profit of 5-6 lakh. Gopi gets shocked and scolds Chezhiyan for stupidly letting go off a big deal and leaves disappointed.

Ezhil says he’s a complete business man as he cares only about profit and not Chezhiyan’s feelings or Jenny’s pain.
Next day, Bhagya is hurriedly getting things done to go to driving school.

Trainer calls Bhagya to come an hour before the allotted time as she has some other work. Bhagya agrees to cone by 10 and cuts the call. She gets shocked seeing Gopi who asks about the phone call. She lies that it’s her friend and was speaking about delivering masala packets. She also asks if he will get angry if she hides something from him. Gopi gets surprised and confused but Bhagya retires for her work. Trainer scolds Bhagya for being late and starts teaching her.

Bhagya gets on the bike but soon seas Ramamoorthy and tries taking another route but Trainer is losing her patience. She puts on a helmet and overtakes Ramamoorthy with speed. Ramamoorthy scolds her while Trainer runs after her. Ramamoorthy leaves scolding Bhagya while Bhagya sighs in relief as he didn’t notice her. Association secretary visits Radhika’s House to give details about meeting. Radhika goes to get coffee while she inquires Mayu about her details and her father.

Mayu gets embarrassed and lies that he’s abroad. She keeps drilling her with questions while Mayu struggles to answer. Radhika gives her coffee and the Secretary takes her leave. Radhika learns about what she spoke with Mayu and gets irritated. She consoles an awkward Mayu that she didn’t do anything wrong.