BhagyaLakshmi 13th September 2022 Written Update: Monish shoots Neelam

BhagyaLakshmi 13th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with ACP talking on the phone with the commissioner and giving him the update and saying they should make a plan. The reporters hear what ACP was talking about and report that Lakshmi has escaped from the terrorists. Ayush asks Shalu to leave. Shalu doesn’t allow Lakshmi to go inside as she is worried about Lakshmi. Lakshmi slaps Shalu. Monish threatens Rishi. Neelam pleads Monish to leave Rishi. Virendra reminds what Lakshmi and Rishi said to him. Monish threatens Virendra. Neelam gets angry and says the police force is already here and it is for his own good if he let’s them go. Neelam humiliates Monish. Monish shoots Neelam. Lakshmi hears the gunshot and goes inside. Shalu also goes after Lakshmi. Ayush tries to go after them. But the police don’t allow them to go inside. Bani asks if they are fine. Ayush shouts on Bani. Rano reminds Ayush that he is shouting on Bani. Ayush apologises to Bani.

Basu and Amod talk about Monish. Lakshmi hides from the terrorists and goes inside. Kiran, Sonia, and Karishma talk about the gun shot. They all blame Lakshmi for everything that is happening. Balwinder talks to himself and hides when he sees the terrorists. The reporters report what is happening there. The cops say to ACP that backup is ready. The reporter asks what is their plan. The cops ask the reporters to let them do their work.

A terrorist says to Monish that police and reporters are here. Monish says it’s time to make our demands. Rishi beats Monish for shooting Neelam. Rishi says he will kill him for shooting his mom. Monish beats him back and says it is not easy to kill someone. ACP talks to the commissioner and asks his permission to go inside. The commissioner doesn’t give him permission and says he is sending a special team to save the hostages.

Lakshmi runs into Balwinder. Balwinder holds Lakshmi and takes her away. Lakshmi asks Balwinder to let her go as she has to go to Rishi. Balwinder doesn’t allow her and takes her away. Shalu goes after Lakshmi and she couldn’t find Lakshmi. Shalu sees someone and thinks he is a terrorist. He says he is not a terrorist and says someone took Lakshmi away. He gives directions to Shalu saying they went to court 10. Shalu understands someone took Lakshmi away and they are not terrorists. Shalu goes to find Lakshmi.

The ACP says to the cops what to do. The ACP asks the cops for a mouse. The inspector asks what is it for. ACP comments on it.

Rishi, Virendra, and Ahana try to wake Neelam up. Rishi sprinkles water on Neelam. Neelam wakes up. Monish says he didn’t want to kill her that’s why she is alive. It is then shown he fired the bullet but it is just to scare Neelam as the bullet goes by her side.

Lakshmi asks Balwinder to let her go. Balwinder tries to convince Lakshmi to not go as her family is not worth saving. Lakshmi slaps Balwinder.

Monish says to Rishi he understands how much money they have. Monish says he sent someone to bring ice to torture Rishi.

ACP calls Monish and talks to him. ACP asks to allow the hostages to leave. Monish says he will allow them to go but not alive and cuts the call. ACP understands that Monish is playing mind games.

Balwinder says to Lakshmi that this slap is on herself after she understands her family’s true colors. Balwinder asks Lakshmi to come with him and marry her. He blackmails her saying he has proof that she is innocent. Lakshmi doesn’t listen to what he says and tries to walk away but Balwinder stops her. Lakshmi says she will not listen to what he has to say because she knows Rishi will save her with or without proof.

Episode ends.

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