BhagyaLakshmi 14th August 2023 Written Update: Neelam hides her health condition from her family

BhagyaLakshmi 14th August 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Malishka saying to Kiran that she is not understanding where did Vikrant’s video go from her phone? Kiran says she had deleted the video. Malishka hugs Kiran and thanks her for saving her. Kiran asks Malishka to concentrate on Rishi and keep Lakshmi away from Rishi. Malishka says to Kiran that she will do something so that Rishi will not even take Lakshmi’s name from now on.

At home, Rano says she is feeling a headache from whatever happened. She goes inside to take a rest. Shalu, Bani thank God for saving Lakshmi and Rishi. Shalu apologizes to Ayush for venting her frustration on him. Ayush says he can understand her situation as he was also in the same situation. Bani hopes Rishi recovers soon. Ayush says Lakshmi Bhabhi will take care of Rishi so he will recover soon.

Malishka enters Rishi’s room. She sees Rishi changed his dress. She mocks him for taking Lakshmi’s help. Rishi asks her to not involve Lakshmi in their talk. He says he will call her if he needs any help and ask her to go and sleep. Malishka asks him to call her if he needs any help and leaves after kissing him on the cheek. Rishi wipes his cheek.

Lakshmi thinks about what happened in the mandap. She thinks she can never forgive herself if something happened to Rishi. Neelam gets a nightmare and wakes up shouting Rishi’s name. Virendra asks Neelam what happened. Neelam says she is worried for Rishi. She says she will see Rishi once. Virendra says Rishi is sleeping. Neelam says she will see him from afar and leaves. Virendra thinks Neelam really loves Rishi a lot but Neelam doesn’t understand what does Rishi want.

Neelam comes and sees Lakshmi sleeping on the floor leaning her head on the door. Neelam goes inside and sees Rishi sleeping. Lakshmi wakes up after a while. Neelam brings Lakshmi to a side and asks Lakshmi why is she sleeping on the floor like this? Lakshmi says Malishka was sleeping in her room and she came to check on Rishi. Lakshmi says she was Malishka locked her door from inside. Lakshmi says she decided to stay here to take care of Rishi. Neelam thinks Malishka behaves hopelessly sometimes. Neelam asks Lakshmi not to sleep like this again. Lakshmi asks Neelam why is she sweating and asks if her BP is high again. Neelam says there isn’t anything like that and asks Lakshmi not to tell anyone about this and leaves from there.

Neelam thinks if anyone knows that she is feeling dizzy no-one will allow her to leave the room. Neelam says to herself that she will not allow Lakshmi to take care of Rishi.

Neelam comes to her room. Virendra asks Neelam if she saw Rishi. Neelam says yes. Neelam goes to bed. Lakshmi feels relieved seeing Neelam is fine.

The next day, Lakshmi prays to God about Rishi’s well being. Harleen prays to God about Lakshmi and Rishi’s well
Being. Lakshmi asks Harleen if she slept well last night. Harleen says to Lakshmi that she slept well. Harleen jokes with Lakshmi to make her smile. Harleen sees Lakshmi smiling and compliments her saying she is an Angel. Harleen asks Lakshmi to serve tiffin. Lakshmi agrees.

Lakshmi comes to the kitchen and says good morning to Mukesh. Lakshmi thanks Mukesh for his help. Lakshmi asks Mukesh what is he going to do today for breakfast. Mukesh says Neelam already told him what he has to prepare for breakfast and says Neelam is going to prepare breakfast for Rishi. Lakshmi thinks why is Neelam working this hard as her health condition isn’t good.

Episode ends.

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