Bhagyalakshmi 14th July 2021 Written Update: Jenny and Chezhiyan gets emotional

Bhagyalakshmi14th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ezhil coming home and asking for his mother. Ishwari says that she went to her mother’s home. Selvi says that’s what she said before going. Selvi accuses Bhagya for hiding something when Ishwari gets angry at her. Jenny supports Bhagya too. Bhagya comes home and everyone complain about Selvi to Bhagya. Bhagya questions Selvi whether she don’t want her job.

Selvi leaves joking while Everyone laughs. Ramamoorthy asks about Bhagya’s home members and asks about the kid. Bhagya says she’s fine. Ramamoorthy asks didn’t she kid go to school. Bhagya gets reminded of it and manages somehow. Bhagya says that many women are driving on roads. Ramamoorthy asks her not to remind it and says about a woman who was rash driving on streets. Bhagya understands that he’s talking about her and gets scared that whether he noticed her.

Ramamoorthy complaints about the woman while Bhagya gets angry and scared. Ezhil says that the lady would be practicing to learn. Ramamoorthy adds that the lady resembled Bhagya. Jenny teases Ramamoorthy while Bhagya uses the opportunity to divert the topic. Bhagya escapes to kitchen and sighs in relief. Selvi notices the changes and Bhagya happily rotates her. Selvi asks the reason for her happiness but Bhagya doesn’t answer. She says she won’t say now.

Jenny is waiting for Chezhiyan to complete his work but Chezhiyan asks her to sleep. Jenny denies at first but later agrees. Chezhiyan switches off the light after completing the work and lies beside Jenny. Both Jenny and Chezhiyan didn’t speak a word and are drowned in their own thoughts. They both recalled their bitter sweet moments of their love life but silently sleeps.

Next day, Selvi is reading newspaper while Ramamoorthy and Ishwari teases her. Bhagya is searching for an excuse to go to driving school. Selvi notices the time and says Bhagya would have left the house by now. Bhagya fumes at her hearing it from kitchen. Jenny comes there and Bhagya asks if there’s any new orders to deliver.

Jenny says no and Bhagya lies that there’s a new order near Radhika’s house and she goes to deliver it. She informs to family members about it but they asks Selvi to deliver as she goes by the way. Bhagya reasons that Selvi will get late. Selvi still couldn’t believe Bhagya. Bhagya takes her leave while Ishwari goes in. Jenny and Ramamoorthy notices Ishwari care for Bhagya.