BhagyaLakshmi 14th March 2024 Written Update: Parvati gets punished by Neelam

BhagyaLakshmi 14th March 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Rishi thinking about Lakshmi in his office. Rishi dreams of Lakshmi bringing the file to him that he forgot in his home. Rishi hesitates to touch Lakshmi as he couldn’t believe that it is true. Raj gets a message and he checks it out. Rishi realises that he is just dreaming.

Parvati while playing sees a lizard and gets scared. Parvati later realises that it is just a toy. Parvati decides to win Neelam’s heart with this toy.

Parvati comes to Neelam and puts the fake lizard on Neelam’s saree. Parvati shouts lizard. Neelam gets scared seeing the lizard. Parvati throws the lizard away. The lizard falls in Anushka’s juice. Anushka drops the juice.

Ayush comes to Rishi and talks to him about work. Rishi later says to Ayush that he is really attached to Parvati and says that Parvati is missing her dad. Rishi says he will talk to Lakshmi and find out about her father. Ayush agrees.

Anushka sees that it is a fake lizard and says to Neelam about it. Neelam asks Anushka to bring it upstairs. Neelam scolds Parvati for trying to scare her with a fake lizard. Neelam blames Lakshmi for Parvati’s poor upbringing. Parvati asks Neelam to stop bringing her mother into their argument. Neelam asks Parvati to shut up and takes Parvati to her room.

Neelam asks Parvati to call her mother. Parvati calls her mother. Karishma asks Anushka to talk to Lakshmi. Anushka asks Lakshmi to come and take Parvati away and says she has done something unforgivable. Lakshmi asks Anushka what did she do. Anushka asks Lakshmi to just come here and take Parvati away. Lakshmi agrees.

Lakshmi says to Dadi that she is going to Mumbai to bring Parvati back and leaves from there.

Neelam asks Parvati to stay outside the doorstep. Neelam says she is going to stay here until Lakshmi comes here to take her away. Neelam warns all the servants that if anyone allows Parvati into the house then they will be fired from their jobs.

Lakshmi sees that while Rohan is trying the bicycle he is about to fall on sharp things so she rescues him. Lakshmi asks Rohan to be careful.

Neelam, Karishma, and Anushka talk about Parvati and Lakshmi. Neelam eagerly waits to teach a lesson to Lakshmi.

Dadi asks Shalu to go after Lakshmi and bring Parvati with her. Shalu agrees.

Ranjit comes to Lakshmi and tries giving flirt with her but he sees Shaku is coming towards them so he leaves Lakshmi.

Shalu and Lakshmi get ready to leave to Mumbai but a thief comes and steals Lakshmi’s bag. Lakshmi tries to catch the thief.

Rohan calls Rishi and asks Rishi what happened as Lakshmi has gone to Mumbai to bring Parvatis back. Rishi talks with Lakshmi’s Dadi and learns that someone from their house called Lakshmi and asked Lakshmi to take Parvati away from there. Rishi says he will check it out.

Harleen sees Parvati standing outside the doorstep. Parvati says to Harleen that she can’t enter into the house but Harleen still insists and brings Parvati into the house.

Karishma asks Parvati how dare she enter the house. Harleen questions Karishma who punished Parvati. Neelam comes forth and says she punished Parvati as she humiliated her in her own home as she played a prank on her. Harleen asks Neelam if she will be mad if Rohan plays a prank on her. Neelam says Rohan belongs to this house and Parvathi doesn’t belong to this house.

Episode ends.

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