Bhagyalakshmi 15th July 2021 Written Update: Gopi brings a client for Bhagya.

Bhagyalakshmi 15th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhagya learning driving with the help of her trainer. She falls down at one point and trainer rushes to her help. Trainer scolds her for driving fast and says its common to fall while learning driving. Ramamoorthy is explaining his brave life incident where he met with crocodile but Ishwari breaks the truth that its just wooden log. Everyone laughs at him. Ishwari calls Ramamoorthy for temple but he says he will come only if she accepts that its crocodiles. Ishwari denies it and leaves with Selvi. She leaves teasing him and asks Jenny to not believe his any stories anymore.

Selvi and Ishwari are coming back from temple. Ishwari complaints about leg pain whine Selvi asks why should she go to temple when she’s not well. Ishwari asks her to worship God for good life. Bhagya is training on the street when she spots Ishwari. She gets scared and drives with speed passing them to escape from Ishwari. Ishwari’s flower basket falls in the process while Selvi scolds Bhagya for her driving. Trainer runs after her while Bhagya stops at a distance. She scolds Bhagya for driving with speed and says about hitting Ishwari. Bhagya apologizes while trainer gets irked.

Ishwari comes home nervous while Jenny asks what happened. Ishwari explains about a lady hitting her with vehicle. Ishwari scolds the lady when Bhagya comes there in hurry. She prays for not getting caught. Jenny complains to Bhagya that someone hit Ishwari. Selvi says not her but the lady hit flower basket. Ishwari scolds Bhagya for not accompanying her and Selvi asks what’s wrong in her accompanying her. Ishwari asks Bhagya to go and do her work. Selvi goes to Bhagya and says Ishwari is lying. Bhagya says she knows about her nature and Selvi leaves. Bhagya thanks God for helping her.

Gopi calls Bhagya and says that he’s bringing his friend Chandrasekar home who wanted a Gujarati cuisine food. Before Bhagya could ask more he cuts the call. Bhagya gets into thinking. Gopi bring Chandrasekar home and introduces him to his parents. They identify him as Ramamoorthy old student and neighbor. They discuss about it. Bhagya is grooming herself to make them believe that she’s catering owner. Bhagya says she needs to present herself well. She asks her to send tea to Jenny as she goes first. Bhagya greets Chandrasekar and Jenny serves them tea. Gopi introduces Bhagya and Jenny to his friend. Jenny praises Bhagya’s cooking skills.
Episode ends..