BhagyaLakshmi 18th August 2022 Written Update: Malishka blackmails Mukesh

BhagyaLakshmi 18th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Lakshmi saying to chefs that the aroma of food is good so tell me how to do a presentation as I’m unaware of it. The chef agrees. Ayush comes there and asks Lakshmi if everything is ready. Lakshmi agrees. Ayush asks her to arrange everything in 5 minutes. Malishka thinks you did award winning work but not at the right place so you will get something else here not praises, just wait and watch.

The investor tell that the clients praised their hotel a lot. Lady says we shall taste the food and then sign the deal. Ayush says don’t worry about the food, it will be extraordinary. Lakshmi comes there with the chefs. Ayush serves the food on the table. The investors like the presentation and the smell of the food. Ayush praises Lakshmi and introduces her as Mrs. Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi.

Malishka comes there with the remaining dishes. The investors get impressed seeing many dishes. Lakshmi asks them to taste it. On the other hand, a disguised Balwinder enters the kitchen. Mukesh asks who’s he. Balwinder lies to him that he came to inspect the kitchen from the client’s side. He asks Mukesh to do his work. When Mukesh is busy, he mixes some powder in food. Mukesh asks if he mixes anything. He asks him to leave the kitchen. Balwinder warns him to make him lose his job and cancel the deal. Packet falls from Balwinder’s pocket. Mukesh says he will call the police. Balwinder hits him with a frying pan. He hides Mukesh in the cupboard and he dresses up as Chef.

Lakshmi serves food to Investors. They eat it. Malishka enters the kitchen and looks at every side. Balwinder removes his mask and tells her that her work is done. Malishka asks if anyone recognizes him. Balwinder tells her how he has to attack Mukesh. Malishka sees Mukesh is regaining consciousness then she hits him again.

Balwinder says their Jodi is good. He asks her to give her money as work is done. Malishka asks him to leave. He leaves. The chef tells Lakshmi that her food is going to get good reviews. Malishka comes there. The clients praise the fusion food prepared by Lakshmi. The lady is about to touch Lakshmi’s hand to her forehead but she feels a vomiting sensation. She runs to the washroom.

Ayush asks what happened to her then everyone starts feeling the same one by one. During the meeting, Rishi feels worried for Lakshmi. He thinks if everything is ok in Mumbai or not. Malishka asks Lakshmi what she mixed in the food. Lakshmi says she doesn’t. Everyone in the hotel feels a vomiting sensation. Managers inform them. Ayush asks them to manage the situation. He takes Lakshmi and asks her to not worry. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is going to lose and make Rishi lose the deal.

Lakshmi and Ayush look worried seeing the chaotic situation in the hotel. Lakshmi says it might be because not good. Ayush asks The chefs to keep the food aside. The chef says the food is fine as we tested it. Ayush says true then what happened suddenly. He asks them to keep food aside. Lakshmi asks Kanha to call an ambulance. She tells Ayush that she lost their trust. Ayush asks her to not blame herself.

Malishka enters the kitchen saying her plan got successful. She searches for Mukesh to stop him. Rishi feels strange. He calls Ayush to know if everything is fine but Ayush doesn’t attend his call. Malishka thinks Balwinder escaped by tying Mukesh’s bomb to her. She sees Mukesh coming out and he thinks to tell Ayush about the man who entered the kitchen. Malishka comes there and slaps him for poisoning the food. Mukesh says he didn’t and tells her what happened. Malishka says no one believes your story and everyone will file a murder case against you. Mukesh request her to save him saying he will do whatever she says.

Episode ends.

The episode starts with Rishi saying thank you to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says he is giving a big compliment by saying thanks. Rishi says ok I will not say thanks from now on instead of thanks we will party when I come there only we two will party on the occasion of success. Malishka sees this and thinks that something should happen so that Rishi’s name will be destroyed then we will see how he will show his love to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says she has to go and cuts the call.

Lakshmi says the smell is good . Malishka also says the aroma is good. Lakshmi says to Malishka she just hopes the taste is also good. When Lakshmi and The chef leave to a side. Malishka adds something in the dishes. Ayush sees it and starts arguing with Malishka. Lakshmi tries to stop. Malishka asks him to shut up and read what is on the box and says Lakshmi told me to add it. Lakshmi also says she said Malishka to add it. Malishka asks Ayush for an apology. Ayush says he will not say. Lakshmi also asks Ayush to say sorry. Ayush agrees and apologizes to Malishka. Ayush says to Malishka that he only apologized because Lakshmi asked me and says if she does anything then he will not say sorry for waht he will do and says he is watching her. Malishka says watch me.

Lakshmi thinks cooking in home is quite different from cooking here and hopes everything will be alright. Rishi thinks of Lakshmi while he is giving a presentation and Lakshmi thinks of Rishi in the kitchen at the same time. Everyone claps for Rishi’s presentation.

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