BhagyaLakshmi 18th September 2021 Written Update: Malishka feels insecure when she fails to receive reply from Rishi

BhagyaLakshmi 18th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode stars with Lakshmi says it’s homemade lep so don’t make faces as it won’t hurt you. Rishi smiles happily than he changes his face than Lakshmi asks him what happened than he tells her nothing. Malishka says Lakshmi is saving Rishi so I can’t misbehave with her. Karishma asks if she is feeling guilty like Virendra. Malishka says no, as we are giving her luxurious life and saved her from Balwinder and my thoughts are clear about her. Sonia says Malishka is right as Mom is saying same but Dadi was quite sad and Lakshmi is lucky to enter our house. Neelam says Lakshmi will be happy in this house. Virendra asks why he is seeing guilt in her eyes. Neelam says don’t repeat it as I’m doing this for Rishi and I’m promising you that I will settle her life post her divorce too. Karishma asks when Neelam Bhabhi said in that way.

Sonia says when we are returning from Shimla. Karishma leaves asking her to remember her warning. Sonia asks what’s that warning. Malishka says she warned to be cautious as house people may like Lakshmi. Sonia says no as we likes you. Malishka goes to freshen up.

Rishi thinks only Malishka can share bed with me than how to escape from her as I can’t even go out from room saying I have work. Lakshmi adjusts his pillow. Rishi says he habitual to sleep in alone and he may place his legs in different directions. Lakshmi says you can’t do it now and until you’re cured I will sleep in sofa so don’t tell me to sleep here. Rishi looks on. Lakshmi covers him with quilt and sleeps in sofa. Rishi thinks why Lakshmi always thinks about him. Malishka message him that he is belongs to her. Rishi messages her forever than she asks if she is remembering her than he notices Lakshmi’s cough sound and gives her water. Lakshmi asks if he is not getting pain.

Rishi tells her he is feeling better and seems like Ganapati bappa gave me energy as tomorrow I’m going to get him. Lakshmi says you’re so good and you take care of me and loves me so much. Rishi looks on. Malishka thinks why Rishi is not replying her than she messages him love you but he didn’t notice it which makes her tensed.

Next day Lakshmi decorates the Ganapati bappa stapana place. Malishka asks why she is doing maids work. Karishma says she don’t know what money can buy us. Neelam asks what Lakshmi is doing. Karishma says Neelam will scold her as Neelam Bhabhi won’t like if anyone interferes her choice of decoration. Lakshmi says she is decorating stapana place. Neelam says whole house is decorated and decorators will decorate this place too than why you’re doing it. Lakshmi says my Mom used to say it’s good if Daughter or Daughter in law performs it. Karishma says Neelam Bhabhi will scold her but Neelam says it’s good and leaves from that place.

Karishma meets Neelam and questions why she is changing rules for Lakshmi. Neelam says Pandit said it’s good if Lakshmi performs everything in pooja as it makes them live happy for life time. Karishma asks what if Pandit words are true than what about our Rishi as he loves Malishka. Neelam says I can’t reveal to Pandit about this marriage secret so let it be normal and make sure that Malishka and Rishi performs the ritual and I know Bappa always bless good people and Lakshmi have these qualities.

Virendra, Ayush and Virendra brings Ganapati to home. Lakshmi asks Neelam what she have to prepare for bhogh. Neelam says she can’t than Lakshmi says she can. Neelam says Modak prasad. Lakshmi asks procedure. Dadi says she will tell her and asks Neelam to order Mothi chur laddoos for guest. Lakshmi says she will prepare Laddoo too as guests are god so they will feel good. Neelam says fine but tell us if you feel tired than I will give the order to caterers. Dadi asks Lakshmi to invite her family. Virendra says he will invite them. Sonia and Devika goes to get their dresses.

Rishi signs Malishka but she ignored him than he stops her. Virendra says no need to do so much work and I will order the sweet. Lakshmi says taste my laddo as it’s favourite of my Dad so tell me after tasting it and it’s my wish that everyone taste my laddoo along with Bappa. Virendra agrees. Rishi takes Malishka aside and confronts her why she is ignoring him. Malishka says you’re changed because of that Lakshmi. Rishi says he don’t want to hear anything against Lakshmi.

Episode ends.

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