BhagyaLakshmi 19th February 2024 Written Update: Rishi decides to stay in Gurudaspur

BhagyaLakshmi 19th February 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Parvati saying to Rohan that this is her house. Rohan says it’s good. Parvati asks Lakshmi if she can take Rohan to her friends. Lakshmi agrees. Lakshmi asks Parvati to always stay with Rohan. Parvati agrees. Parvati goes to change her dress.

Shalu says to Lakshmi that she is happy as Lakshmi got funding. Lakshmi says Oberoi is a good person as he asked Principal to fill up how much she needed. Shalu says she still doesn’t trust city people.

Parvati introduces Rohan to her friends and says he came from city. Parvati’s friends ask Rohan what are in the city. Rohan says a few about it. Parvati’s friends decide to play Gillidanda game. Parvati’s friends choose Rohan in their team first before Parvati. Parvati gets upset about it.

Neelam calls Rishi. Neelam asks Rishi to come home quickly as Ayush is coming today. Rishi says he is also missing Ayush. Neelam couldn’t talk to Rishi due to the bad network.

Lakshmi says to Shalu and Dadi that she will go and bring groceries. Dadi asks Lakshmi to first find out what Rohan will eat. Shalu asks Lakshmi to call Rohan’s father to find out what he likes. Lakshmi agrees and calls Rishi but she couldn’t talk to him due to bad network connection. Lakshmi decides to go and bring groceries.

Karishma eagerly waits for Ayush and Sonia’s arrival. Ayush and Sonia return to the Oberoi mansion. Sonia greets Karishma and all of the Oberoi family. Ayush learns that Rishi has gone to Gurudaspur about Rohan’s school event. Neelam says it’s a good thing Rishi adopted Rohan. Harleen asks Oberoi family to never speak about Rohan’s adoption.

In the Gillidanda game. Parvati hits the Gilli very far. Parvati thinks Rohan will not be able to hit the Gilli that far and celebrates her victory but when Rohan takes his turn. Rohan hits the Gilli further than Parvati and wins over her team. Parvati gets upset as she lost the game.

Karishma compares Sonia with Lakshmi and speaks ill of Lakshmi and praises Sonia. Harleen gets upset about it and scolds Karishma. Neelam suggests Karishma not to take Lakshmi’s name in this house again. Karishma agrees.

Ayush thinks if Rishi has met Shalu or not. Sonia goes to freshen up.

Lakshmi sees Sudha driving and asks Sudha what happened. Sudha says they can’t allow Munni to study anymore. Lakshmi asks Sudha why is that. Sudha says they took loan from Suren Singh by putting their land as collateral. They are ready to repay the debt but Syren Singh is greedy for their land so he is not taking the money. Sudha says without the land they can’t do anything so they decide to go to city to do some work.

Rishi misses Rohan and decides to stay back in Gurudaspur.

Episode ends.

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