BhagyaLakshmi 19th March 2024 Written Update: Lakshmi outsmarts the buyer

BhagyaLakshmi 19th March 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Disguised Lakshmi waiting for the buyer. The buyer comes there. He sees Disguised Lakshmi and asks who is he. Lakshmi lies to him that he is searching for a network and asks him to do his work. Lakshmi leaves from there. The buyer thinks he will get a good profit from Lakshmi’s harvest. Lakshmi sees he is leaving for her place. She thanks god for not letting her get exposed in front of the Buyer.

Buyer comes to Lakshmi’s house. He asks Shalu about Lakshmi. Shalu tells him that he can discuss the cost with her. The buyer asks what’s there to discuss when everything is already fixed. Shalu tells him she will get him a tea. In this time, Dadi calls Lakshmi home to execute their plan.

Dadi makes Paro ready. They enjoy the snacks. While spending time with Paro, Dadi misses Lakshmi. Disguised Lakshmi comes home. She introduces herself as a new buyer and offers a good amount to Shalu’s harvest. He says to Shalu that he is here to buy the harvest from her village people. Rohan sees Lakshmi’s mustache falling down. He alerts Lakshmi. Lakshmi sets her mustache. The buyer asks Shalu to not trust new buyers. Disguised Lakshmi asks Shalu to deal with him. Buyer increases the price and makes Shalu to agree to his deal. Rohan records everything in his phone. Disguised Lakshmi leaves from there. Shalu asks Buyer to give the hiked amount to all villagers. Buyer agrees and leaves from there. Lakshmi, Shalu,Rohan and Dadi enjoy their success. Dadi says this year they needs to celebrate Holi grandly. Lakshmi and Shalu give credit to Rohan for their success.

Rishi waits for Rohan’s call. That time Rohan calls Rishi and informs him that his plan worked. Rishi feels relaxed and disconnects the call.

Ayush asks Rishi what happened as the receptionist told him not to disturb him. Rishi says there is nothing and says to Ayush what Rohan has done.

The villagers praise Lakshmi. Dadi gives the credit to Rohan. Shalu asks Dadi not to tell that it is Rohan. The villagers ask Dadi what does she mean. Lakshmi says Rohan has brought them luck. The villagers agree. The villagers later leave from there.

Dadi asks Shalu why did she ask her not to speak about Rohan. Shalu says if the buyer knows about it then they will get into trouble.

Lakshmi talks with Parvati over the phone. Lakshmi says to Parvati that due to Rohan and Rishi they profited a lot. Paravti says it’s a good thing and cuts the call.

The villagers bring food for Lakshmi as because of her they profited a lot.

Rishi returns home. Parvati scares Rishi and teases him. Rishi later asks Parvati if Neelam scolded her again. Parvati says no. Parvati asks Rishi to go and freshen up.

Episode ends.

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