Bhagyalakshmi 1st June 2021 Written Update: Ezhil’s advice for Bhagya

Bhagyalakshmi 1st June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhagya giving the list of ingredients to Shanti. She reads the list and calls it too much and says she can only give half. Bhagya says it won’t be enough but she doesn’t listen and gave only half the ingredients. She asks to buy chicken but Shanti denied doing so and. Principal comes there and Selvi and Jenny urge Bhagya to complaint about Shanti.

Bhagya lies everything is fine and Principal leaves asking her to do well as its a very important party. Jenny and Selvi scold Bhagya for not speaking out about the injustice. Bhagya states that they can handle with the given items and asks Selvi to buy chicken. She gives the money to Selvi and Selvi leaves.

Jenny asks if Principal will pay them back for which Bhagya said she’ll see to it. Gopi comes to Radhika House and Radhika welcomes him. She thanks him for saving her from getting in trouble. Gopi acts well while Radhika feels bad for Bhagya. Gopi urges Radhika to get back the money for sure. Radhika agrees. Gopi praises himself.

Bhagya is cooking when Selvi comes with chicken. She helps Bhagya while Bhagya goes to attend Ezhil’s call. She explains her situation to him while Ezhil asks her to fight back. He encourages her to fight back to survive. Bhagya then gets Radhika’s call. Radhika apologizes for the trouble when Bhagya stated about Sundari’s anger. Radhika cuts the xall confused. She calls her lawyer who also confirms that there’s no problem with documents. Bhagya is cooking when once again Shanti creates troubles for her.

Precap : Bhagya fights with Shanti when she tried insulting her again