BhagyaLakshmi 1st June 2024 Written Update: Kiran gives advice to Malishka

BhagyaLakshmi 1st June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts Rishi asking Lakshmi if she never thought of him in these many years. Lakshmi tries to speak out but Rishi says she doesn’t need to speak out and says he found his answer. Malishka sees Rishi and Lakshmi’s close proximity and she feels shattered. Malishka wipes her tears and leaves from there. Lakshmi later backs away and leaves Rishi.

Shalu runs into Ayush. Shalu steps back and she is about to fall but Ayush catches her and he pulls her back. Ayush apologises to Shalu as he was speaking like it was only her fault. Shalu asks Ayush if they can talk without talking about their past. Ayush agrees. Shalu leaves from there.

Anushka comes to Shalu and asks Shalu why is she always lurking around Ayush all the time. Shalu asks Anushka why is she feeling insecure and says she is going to stay here only for some time and says she will leave after a while and leaves from there. Anushka comments on Shalu in her heart.

Kiran comes to Malishka and asks Malishka what happened. Malishka says to Kiran what happened. Kiran calms down Malishka and says to Malishka that she can use the power of family against Lakshmi and win over her. Kiran asks Malishka to behave like a victim infront of Neelam, Karishma and Aanschal. Malishka agrees.

Malishka comes to Neelam and looks sad. Neelam takes Malishka to a side and asks Malishka why is she loooking sad. Malishka says she is fearing that she is going to lose everything due to Lakshmi. Malishka asks Neelam why is Lakshmi in a room with Rishi and why is Lakshmi always around Rishi when she already knows that Rishi is her husband. Neelam says she will talk to Lakshmi and leaves from there.

Lakshmi comes to Shalu and compliants to Shalu about what happened. Parvati comes and makes a request to Lakshmi that she doesn’t want to leave from here. Rohan comes and takes Parvati away from there.

Lakshmi says to Shalu that Parvati is asking her not to leave from here and says Parvati will be sad once they leave from here and she will also be sad when Lakshmi sees Parvati sad.

Rohan asks Parvati to choose a gift for herself. Parvati chooses a gift for herself.

Rishi talks to Parvati and says to Rishi that she asked Lakshmi not to take her away from here and says if Lakshmi doesn’t agree she will leave with Rohan. Rishi says he will also come along with both of them.

Neelam comes to Lakshmi and asks Lakshmi to show her the tickets if they are ready to leave. Shalu says there is no need for them to show the tickets as they will not stay here. Neelam calls Shalu a bad girl as she interrupts Neelam while she is talking. Parvati says to Neelam that just because she is an elder doesn’t give her the right to scold others without a reason. Lakshmi says to Parvati that she shouldn’t talk with elders like that and sends her away. Lakshmi later comments on Neelam. Neelam and Karishma comment on Lakshmi.

Parvati falls on the floor. Lakshmi goes to Parvati. Lakshmi tries to calm down Parvati. Rishi comes to Parvati and calms her down. Lakshmi worries about Rishi taking Parvati away from her.

Episode ends.

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