Bhagyalakshmi 21st April 2021 Written Update: Iniya to ignore Santosh

Bhagyalakshmi 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gopi asking Ezhil to stay on his limits or leave the house. Gopi’s mother scolds Ezhil but he leaves angrily. Chezhian gets upset with Ezhil. Bhagya asks Ezhil that why’s he facing others hatred because of her and asks him to let it go. Ezhil says that he can’t keep quite when everyone is happy with her tears. Bhagya gets sad. Later, Gopi asks Bhagya about Iniya. Bhagya says she has gone to school with Ezhil.

 Gopi scolds Bhagya for her long face. Gopi’s father asks why’s he once again creating problems after Ezhil. Jenny gets sister’s call but she cuts it saying she will speak later. She says Bhagya about it and Gopi’s mother asks Jenny to inform sister that Bhagya has closed down her business. Jenny says that sister will get angry if she says that now as they’ve already half of the items. Gopi’s mother asks did they receive money beforehand and they say no.

Gopi’s mother asks her to let it go then. Jenny asks what if Gopi allows her to continue the business but Gopi’s mother says there’s no chance for it. Gopi agrees with it. Chezhian taunts Jenny for losing her contact for helping his mother. He says Bhagya will always leave everything incomplete and leaves. Bhagya asks Jenny to not fight with Chezhian for her and says that she’ll speak with sister. Jenny feels bad for Bhagya.

Ezhil meets Amirtha outside her college. They both greet each other and Ezhil says that he came ro his friend’s house nearby. He Where’s she going and she says that she’s going to have breakfast. She invites him to join too and he agrees. At school, Iniya learns from her friends that Hema still didn’t go to school and her parents are upset over it.

Iniya feels bad for her. Santosh asks Iniya whether he can join her for lunch but Iniya asks him to have with his friends. Santosh gets upset and asks Iniya what wrong did he do. Iniya says he didn’t do wrong but it was her who did the mistake. She says that she don’t Wan friendship with higher class students and asks him to not disturb her. Santosh leaves upset while her friends scolds Iniya for her rude behaviour.

Gopi’s father feels bad for Bhagya’s business when Gopi’s mother says he himself supported them. Gopi’s father says he had no choice as he wanted peace in the house. A lady came to visit Bhagya and asked for few masala packets. Bhagya hesitates when Selvi gives her the left over packets. The lady asks when could she get the remaining packets when Gopi’s mother says that Bhagya has shut down her business. She asks her to let other know about it too.

Bhagya gets heartbroken. Iniya is with her friends and Bhagya comes to pick her up. They all greet each other and Bhagya leave with Iniya. On the way, they bump with Santosh but he leaves without saying anything. Bhagya notices the tension between them and asks Iniya if she’s not speaking with him. Iniya tries to avoid the topic but Bhagya asks her to say about their first meet. Iniya says that Santosh was new to the school but never spoke with anyone but get Bhagya listens to her carefully.

Episode ends..