BhagyaLakshmi 24th June 2022 Written Update: Neelam consoles Malishka

BhagyaLakshmi 24th June 2022 Written Update On

Episode starts with Malishka confronting Lakshmi and rebukes her for being a bad luck in her life. She gets frustrated with Lakshmi’s silence and proclaims that she won’t leave her. She becomes annoyed with her presence and expresses her anger towards Lakshmi, she accuses the latter for snatching Rishi from her and ask her to leave them alone. Whereas, Lakshmi gets furious at Malishka and ask her to stay quiet. She looses her calm after hearing Malishka’s allegations and takes a stand for her self respect. She reminds Malishka that she had everything with her including a loving family and Rishi’s love but she lost everything only because of her dirty game.

Here, Lakshmi tells that Malishka is responsible for everything that is happening with her, while the latter gets shocked hearing Lakshmi’s allegations. She fumes in anger, while Lakshmi tells that Malishka can’t blame anyone else for the life she had carved for herself. She declares that her and Rishi’s bond is pure and it won’t get affected by anyone.

Lakshmi goes inside her room and sees the servant helping Rishi to lay down on his bed. She worries about him and thinks that why is he punishing himself. She goes near him and removes his shoes and tries to make him comfortable to sleep. Whereas, he wakes up and looks at her. She was about to leave but he stops her.

Elsewhere, Rishi calls Lakshmi near her and ask her to sit on the bed. She follows his command and sits close to him, while he reminds her about their first meet. He says that he always used to get positive feelings from her and he has a different picture of her inside his heart. They both recalls their flashback moments and he smiles remembering his interactions with her.

Rishi comes to the reality and says that Lakshmi betrayed him. He states that he should have never trusted her, while she feels pain by his words. He declares that she doesn’t deserve love and declares that soon they will get divorce. He falls asleep due to alcohol effect, while she cries being heartbroken.

Ahead, Neelam removes her jewelleries and remembers the time given by the judge to Rishi and Lakshmi. She gets furious at the latter and calls her a bad luck for her family. Whereas, at that time Malishka comes there and cries in front of Neelam. She expresses her pain stating that Lakshmi isn’t ready to leave Rishi. She proclaims that it is almost impossible to throw Lakshmi out of their house, while Neelam consoles the latter.

Neelam assures Malishka that she will soon separate Lakshmi from Rishi’s life. She tells that only because the latter was silent during the court hearing, she got a chance from the judge. She proclaims that soon she will correct everything and Malishka will get Rishi back. Neelam ask the latter to have faith, while Malishka gets happy.

Further, Lakshmi worries about the situation and wishes that Gautam would tell the truth to everyone. She says that she did everything to support Ahana and prays to the God to help her. She holds her nuptial chain and says that she is risking her marriage. She becomes tensed and wishes for the truth to prevail. Meanwhile, Neelam comes there and taunts Lakshmi. Rishi also joins them and prepares to go for the court hearing.

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