BhagyaLakshmi 26th November 2021 Written Update: Dada ji reveals his desire to Viraj

BhagyaLakshmi 26th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishi takes photos of Sonia. Karishma asks them to start but Rishi asks them to wait for Lakshmi bthan he gets call from Ayush saying he is bringing Shalu. Sonia asks why Shalu is coming than Rishi tells her Lakshmi needs company as she don’t know anyone at party. Sonia thinks so much care for Lakshmi. On the way Shalu and Ayush fights with eachother. Karishma says let’s leave as we are getting late to marriage and we can send driver to Lakshmi. Rishi about to leave but Lakshmi comes wearing Heer’s costume. Rishi calls her Heer and says beautiful. Karishma and Sonia gets shocked.

Rishi opens door for her than they sits in car. Sonia asks Lakshmi how her dress got repaired. Lakshmi says she stiched patch work and it get more beautiful but how you know that it’s damaged. Karishma says we saw you looking at your damaged dress that’s why we waited long for you. Lakshmi Apologies to them for the delay than Rishi starts the car.

Malishka hugs her Dad. Viraj too meets Abhay than he says he is happy to see their reunion. Abhay says they are family. Dadaji calls him than Abhay meets him. Abhay and Kiran gives cold looks to eachother. Lakshmi enters to the party. Dada ji goes towards her. Abhay asks Kiran how’s she but she leaves ignoring him. Viraj says hope it won’t cause discomfort to aunty than Malishka says it’s common in party and she thanks Viraj than they goes to have drink. Shalu dress get strucked in car door and he tries to remove it but it’s locked, Ayush and Shalu get closer while removing Dupatta. Ayush says you’re Just Shalu and I help to everyone. Both looks shy and slowly enters to party.

Dadaji tells to Lakshmi that he saw her somewhere thsn he says you’re the same girl whom I saw at sweet shop and you’re giving sweets to Karan and his wife. Lakshmi says yes, did you saw me. Dadaji says yes and you won my heart and you’re not married right. Lakshmi says I’m married and my husband is good too. Dada ji thinks his grandson also good than he says god creates the couple. Rishi enters to party and asks who’s he. Lakshmi says he is Amitabh. Dada ji says correct and he calls Viraj. Lakshmi realises he Viraj grand Dad and she wishes him and takes his blessings. Rishi too wish him. Viraj asks if they met his grandfather. Dada ji says she find my look too. Viraj praises Rishi Raanjhanaa look. Dada ji says Lakshmi’s Heer of Raanjhanaa. Malishka says she is Heer too and Lakshmi I may choose another look if you told me that you’re becoming Heer. Lakshmi says you didn’t informed me too. Rishi says you’re looking like simran of Ddlj. Malishka leaves. Rishi goes behind her.

Abhay asks Kiran why didn’t she inform him about Rishi and Malishka. Kiran asks him him to stop pretending that he care for Lakshmi and she leaves than bumps to her daughter and asks what happened. Malishka says their is one problem i.e Lakshmi and she become Heer and everyone is thinking me as simran. Kiran asks her to not teke it to heart. Malishka says you forced me to become Heer but Lakshmi become his Heer and she leaves seeing Rishi and she tells him that she won’t listen. Rishi says he just came to get water and leaves with it. Malishka thinks what happened to Rishi. Kiran says this is what I’m telling you.

Rishi gives water to Lakshmi. Dadaji praises their jodi and tells them that God creates pairs who are incomplete without eachother and he asks Lakshmi to feed laddoo. Ayush comes with Shalu. Dada ji asks if they are pair. Lakshmi says she is my sister. Dadaji asks them to enjoy party. Someone calls Ayush and Shalu follows him as she kept her phone in his pocket. Rishi asks if she get the sweets. Lakshmi agrees than Rishi praises her smartness. Kiran asks Malishka to do something before Rishi’s heart stop beating for her. Malishka thinks she knows what she have to do to get Rishi attention and recalls how Rishi felt jealous seeing her dance with Viraj. Dadaji tells to Viraj that he wanted to make Lakshmi married to him but she was married before he find her. Viraj says don’t know what runs in your brain and they goes to join party. Malishka sees Rishi with Lakshmi.

Episode ends.

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