Bhagyalakshmi 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Bhagya loses her cool

Bhagyalakshmi 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Selvi cooking sweet and Jenny helping her. Selvi asks Jenny to pass the ghee but they couldn’t find it. Bhagya comes there and Selvi says about no ghee to her. Bhagya asks her to get it from Shanti. Selvi says that she will definitely won’t give. She still goes to ask Shanti. Selvi comes back and says that as expected she refused to give ghee.

Shanti comes there and blames them for not completing cooking yet. She says that she would’ve completed all the work by  3 if it was her. She calls them inefficient and blames Bhagya for always being busy on phone. Bhagya blames back at her for lying and says it was her who delayed their work by not giving enough ingredients on time. Shanti lies that she gave everything they asked for and also said management the same. She says that Bhagya can’t cook and just blaming on her.

Bhagya loses her cool and picks a fight with Shanti. She says that she has bill for whatever they’ve bought and threatens to complaint about her to Principal. She says that if she didn’t get the contract then she must show her anger on Principal and not her. Shanti and others gets stunned seeing her behaviour. Bhagya demands whether she would get the necessary ingredients nor she need to complaint Principal. Shanti gets scared and agrees to give the ingredients to her. She comes back with ghee packets and Bhagya demands for milk to her. She leaves to get the same. Selvi and Jenny praise Bhagya for her boldness. Selvi asks if its Ezhil who urged her to be bold and Bhagya says yes. She gets Ezhil’s call and goes to attend it.

Ezhil asks what happened for which Bhagya said about her rude behaviour and work being done instant. Ezhil praises her and wishes her luck. Jenny gets her mother’s call who asks her where she is. Jenny lies that she’s at home when her mother says that she knows about her lie. Jenny says that she felt bored and so accompanied Bhagya. Her mother is upset that she’s working there but Jenny says that she didn’t. She assures her that she’s fine and cuts the call. Jenny pleads Selvi to not say anything to Bhagya.

Bhagya comes back while Selvi prepared coffee. Shanti too comes there and Bhagya says work is completed. She offers some coffee to Shanti and says that she don’t have anything against her. Bhagya asks her to not repeat it and asks how’s the coffee. Shanti says it’s good and leaves. Selvi, Jenny, Bhagya and Iniya wait for Principal.

 Principal comes there and praises Bhagya for her cooking skills. She says she liked all the dishes and praises Bhagya’s talent. She says that she herself didn’t knew why she gave the order ro her but she just felt so. Principal says Iniya that she should be proud of her mother. Everyone gets happy hearing her compliments and Principal leaves.

Precap : Iniya praises Bhagya in front of Gopi and everyone and repents for mistreating Bhagya in the past.