BhagyaLakshmi 30th May 2022 Written Update: Virendra also blames Lakshmi for Neelam’s condition

BhagyaLakshmi 30th May 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Lakshmi going away from the family. Virendra talks to himself and says Ayush is right and blames Lakshmi for Neelam’s condition. Karishma asks if Kiran is alright. Kiran says if someone did it intentionally to stop the engagement and points to Lakshmi and says she did it. Lakshmi is seen to be praying to God for Neelam’s well being. She asks God to take care of Neelam and every family member is worried for her. Lakshmi asks you have already taken my dad and please don’t take Mummy ji also. Rishi is also shown to be praying to God. Rishi asks what is the problem with her. Lakshmi says she doesn’t understand. Rishi points out that she does everything in reverse to what he asks. When he ask her to not speak she will speak. Even today when I asked you if you want to say something. But you did not say anything and mom came to talk to you and she fell down. Pray to Lakshmi if something happens to her because of today then. Malishka comes and takes Rishi away.

Balwindar comes into the kitchen. The incharge asks him where is his ID card. Balwindar says sorry to Bobby and asks for his help. Bobby says he can’t do anything. Balwindar acts as he looks for his Id and steals money from the purse. Balwindar says it is in the hall and talks something and hides and puts on his fake beard and mustache.

Rishi asks Malishka why has he taken her away and says ge went there to pray to God and nothing else. Malishka says he is right and acts like she wants to say something but she doesn’t. Rishi asks about it. Malishka says she thinks that whatever happened it is done intentionally by Lakshmi. Malishka says her mom is also saying it. Rishi says no.

Balwindar comes and acts as he is the victim the guard asks if he has seen anyone. Balwindar points to a direction. Balwindar talks to Bobby and says sorry to him and offers him money. Bobby says not to do anymore Shaan Patti. Bobby asks as the engagement is stopped what to do next.

Rishi says he knows Lakshmi she will not do something like this. Shalu from a distance hears what Rishi and Malishka are talking. Shalu hears it and goes. Malishka asks why has our engagement stopped. Rishi says she knows and says mom fell down and I am also wearing the ring you put on me and shows her hand and asks where is her ring.

Lakshmi thinks of what Rishi said. Shalu comes and talks to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says she shouldn’t have tried to stop the engagement. Shalu says now she will talk to her as if she is talking to a child. Shalu asks if she is mad and she needs to tell him. Shalu also points out Rishi also stopped putting on the ring and he wants to listen to you to what you want to say. He knows you want to express your love for him. Shalu also says about what happened between Malishka and Rishi. She encourages Lakshmi to express her feelings. Rishi and Malishka are shown to be talking and she says Lakshmi will say how she saved you. Lakshmi will ask to stop the engagement. Rishi says if she says so what happened and points out she signed the divorce papers. Malishka says she can change her mind. Rishi says but he will not change his mind and he is going to do what he says. Malishka feels happy. Rishi says he will cone in a minute.

Lakshmi says he will not do it and says she has to first find out what is in Rishi’s heart if he does not feel it now he will never feel it. Rishi thinks of what happened between Lakshmi and him. Rishi comes to talk to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says to first breathe and then talk. Shlau walks away from them. Lakshmi says what are you thinking and gets worried. Rishi says how do you know that I am worried and thinking. Lakshmi says she atleast knows him that much. Rishi asks him what she wanted to say when she stopped him from putting on the ring.

Episode ends.

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