BhagyaLakshmi 30th May 2024 Written Update: Aanchal criticises Lakshmi

BhagyaLakshmi 30th May 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Lakshmi commenting on Malishka and says she will leave this house after a few hours and nobody can stop her. Malishka says she will wait and see. Ayush overhears their conversation.

Shalu sees Anushka and says last time she didn’t know that Anushka is Ayush’s wife. Shalu says their argument was just an accident.

Ayush comes to Rishi. Ayush asks Rishi what happened. Rishi says to Ayush that he doesn’t know why he gets angry as when he talks to Lakshmi he suddenly get angry. Rishi says he doesn’t want to lose Lakshmi so he can’t be angry. Ayush comforts Rishi. Rishi goes to wash his wounds.

Aanchal asks Harleen how could she give a chance to Harleen after what she did to Virendra. Harleen says at that time they were shaken about Virendra’s condition but what they did at that time was an accident. Aanchal asks Harleen if she will say the same thing if Lakshmi hurts Neelam like she hurt Virendra. Harleen comments on it. Aanchal comments on Harleen and leaves from there. Kiran overhears their conversation.

Rishi comments on Lakshmi himself in the washroom.

Aanchal runs into Lakshmi. Aanchal says to Lakshmi that she might have come into this house again for money but this house will not accept her and comments on Lakshmi’s upbringing. Lakshmi says she will not allow anyone to speak against her parents and comments on it. Aanchal says she will not allow Lakshmi to play with Neelam like last time as this time she is here and leaves from there.

In the washroom, Rishi couldn’t clean his wounds. He washes his face. Lakshmi comes to the washroom. Rishi sees Lakshmi and asks her if Ayush sent her to apply cream to his wound. Lakshmi asks him to stop overthinking. Rishi tries to leave from there. Lakshmi stops him. She cleans Rishi’s wounds. Rishi comments on her. Lakshmi rebukes him. She applies ointment to his wound. Rishi feels pain and holds Lakshmi. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he is unable to believe that she has moved on in her life forgetting him.

Ayush regrets not talking to Shalu regarding Lakshmi’s pregnancy. He gets hyper. Shalu comes there. Ayush tries to talk to her. Shalu tells him that he can’t talk to her in anger. Ayush asks if she knows him that well. Shalu says his anger is visible on his face. Ayush controls his anger and asks Shalu to not hide the truth from him.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that they are separated long back and tells him that she came to his house for Rohan’s happiness. She tells him that Paro is the proof that she has moved on in life.

Shalu thinks Ayush is talking about them. She tells him that they have moved and reminds him that he is married. Ayush tells her that he is talking about Lakshmi’s pregnancy. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he found out that she was pregnant before leaving the house. Lakshmi says it’s not true. Shalu tries to escape from Ayush but Ayush stops her and insists on her to tell the truth about Paro. Shalu calls Anushka and asks her to take care of her husband. She leaves from there. Anushka feels insecure seeing them. Lakshmi tries to lie but Rishi demands her to speak the truth.

Episode ends.

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