BhagyaLakshmi 30th November 2021 Written Update: Viraj Informs his decision to Grandfather

BhagyaLakshmi 30th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rishi says he knows Malishka better. Kiran asks if they saw Malishka. Viraj says she was near corridor. Kiran leaves after thanking him. Rishi about to leave but Viraj stops him and asks him to help him to stop the marriage as he is going to talk with his Grandfather. Rishi agrees. Malishka says Dadaji don’t know the truth but you know that I love Rishi. Abhay says it’s changed and Viraj is good guy who keeps you happy in future and Rishi was your past and you will be lucky if you marry Viraj. Malishka says Rishi is her life partner. Abhay says Rishi left from your life so accept it and Rishi is married and it can’t be undone as it’s life time commitment. Malishka asks why their marriage got broken if Marriage is life time commitment. Abhay says your Mom needs servant not life partner and Lakshmi is good wife amd Rishi will very soon fell for Lakshmi as he can’t resist her goodness. Malishka asks him to Stop it. Abhay asks her to stop betraying yourself as Rishi belongs to Lakshmi and he can’t leave Lakshmi without any reason as he had values so think about it and I’m fine with your decision but as a father it’s my duty to tell the difference between truth and hallucination and atlast your decision is final.

Dada ji asks Lakshmi if he did correct by announcing the Roka or not. Lakshmi says you love your Grandson more than your son and you always did correct and Viraj likes Malishka so much and they looks good together and I’m happy to see them together. Rishi and Viraj hears their convo. Rishi tells to Dada ji that Viraj is not interested to marry and it’s not correct age too. Lakshmi asks why you’re saying in this way, it’s good decision. Rishi says Viraj will decide it. Viraj takes his grandfather saying ne needs to talk with him. Rishi leaves than Lakshmi follows him and asks what happened. Rishi says you didn’t know anything about them but you’re talking as you know them. Lakshmi says Dadaji saw their closeness. Rishi says it’s just showoff. Lakshmi asks why he feels it’s showoff. Ridhi says don’t feel like cupid as Malishka knows how to handle without cupid. Lakshmi says I was talking to Dada ji about Viraj not Malishka. Rishi says it’s wrong from my side to think you don’t know Viraj but you know him better and he leaves. Lakshmi thinks why Rishi is worried for Malishka marriage and what’s the connection between them and Malishka Marriage with Viraj. Ayush gives sweets to everyone. Shalu asks why he is feeling excited. Ayush says he is excited. Lady thinks to tell Lakshmi that Ayush and Shalu will make good jodi. Rishi leaves seeing Ayush angrily.

Viraj tells to Dadaji that he can’t marry her. Dadaji says it’s good alliance for you and he asks him to think for 15m to tell his final decision. Viraj agrees. Dada ji thinks what if Viraj says no after 15m, only Lakshmi can save me from this problem. Kiran sees Rishi and tells him that Malishka decides to marry Viraj and I feel she changed after talking with her Dad. Rishi says it can’t happen and he rushes and meets Malishka in a corridor. Lakshmi searches for Rishi and thinks why Rishi got so much anger on her. Dada ji meets Lakshmi and tells her that he needs her help and says I asked Viraj to arrange Punjabi party but he arranged bollywood theme party and I felt happy eating your sweet as I love Punjab but why you look tensed. Lakshmi says problem wife and husband so tell me which help you needed. Dada ji says you will be get benifitted if Malishka gets married to Viraj as I saw which others can’t see.

Malishka runs to room where lady says Im the one who made Dada ji agrees for your marriage than she sees Rishi and tells him he is lucky to get Lakshmi and leaves. Rishi says listen. Malishka says that lady was right that you got Lakshmi because of God. Rishi says she saw the closeness between you and Viraj too. Malishka says their is nothing between them. Rishi says everyone thinks that you guys live eachother seeing your behaviour. Malishka shouts to stop it as I’m not understanding anything. Rishi says stop your drama and you did everything ti make me jealous amd you don’t have any feelings for Viraj. Malishka says she is not doing dramas and slaps Rishi when he is getting hyper. Rishi says congratulations and stay happy with Viraj. Malishka says stop it otherwise I will jump from window. Rishi goes out but he comes inside and saves Malishka.

Episode ends.

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