BhagyaLakshmi 3rd February 2022 Written Update: Lakshmi refuses to believe Rishi’s words

BhagyaLakshmi 3rd February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malishka saying you’re negative that’s why I’m not liking rings in your presence. Lakshmi says I know what I’m so don’t cross your limits. Malishka asks her to call Kalyani so I will ask her to show me the rings which I like or I will ask her to change the sales girl. Rishi comes there then Malishka hugs h saying he is her Rishi and she asks Lakshmi to show her choice of ring to her. Lakshmi shows the ring. Malishka throws it saying pathetic and she chooses another ring. Lakshmi says it is beautiful, all good things are not made for everyone, you can buy it, but you can’t be suitable for it as it’s not your size. Malishka wears it forcefully. Lakshmi says she will feel the pain. Malishka tries to remove it but she can’t and it hurts her. Rishi helps her. Kalyani comes there and asks if everything is fine. Malishka blames Lakshmi for her state but Rishi says Lakshmi told them. Kalyani asks her to take Malishka to their special room but Malishka denies and removes the ring forcefully. Kalyani takes Malishka with her to apply ointment. Rishi and Lakshmi’s heads touch when they try to take the ring then Rishi hits her head again. Both lost in each other.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he wants to talk with her but she ignores him. Rishi asks sales men to show the engagement rings. Rishi tries small size ring which hurts his finger and he asks them to call Kalyani. Kalyani comes there and he asks her to send him to a special client room with Lakshmi to remove his ring. Kalyani agrees. Rishi thanks Lakshmi for coming with him. Lakshmi goes. Rishi easily removes his ring.

Neha returns home from her friend’s marriage. Rano asks Bani to call Shalu to prepare tea. Bani says she will prepare as Shalu is preparing for interior design. Rano calls Shalu and they warn her to prepare tea. She takes Neha inside and tells how Lakshmi spoiled her plans. Neha tells don’t worry as we can treat them like servants. Rano asks who’s duplicate Salman. Neha tells she didn’t get the real one so choose a duplicate one. They blame their fate. Bani asks Shalu why she is bearing their insulting words. Shalu says they may vent their frustration on Lakshmi di which I don’t want to happen as she is fighting for us with the whole world so we can do it for her.

Lakshmi is about to slip but Rishi saves her and tells her he has to talk with her. Lakshmi says there is nothing between them to talk and you’re bad. Rishi requests her to listen to him for 5m. Lakshmi tells she won’t trust him. Rishi stops her and asks her to see in his eyes and tell if she feels he wants to hurt her. Lakshmi gets tears. Malishka notices Rishi is missing then she calls him but she gets a network error then she searches for him. Lakshmi says I don’t think you can hurt me as you already gave me the pain to my soul. Rishi apologizes to her. Lakshmi tells she feels his sorry also fake. Rishi tries to wipe Lakshmi’s tears but she stops him and cries. Rishi wipes her tears. Lakshmi asks if he ever behaves real with her. Rishi says I’m real with you and whatever I said to you is real and I don’t want to hurt you and I like to spend time with you so please trust me and don’t cry. Lakshmi says you snatched everything from me and you’re the one who gave these tears and they won’t stop but I won’t let them come as I don’t want to make you happy with my tears. Rishi tells he can’t see her in tears. Lakshmi asks why can’t he. Rishi says he is not bad. Lakshmi says think what happens if you want to hurt me. Rishi asks her to trust him. Lakshmi says I trusted you that’s why I’m bearing the punishment. Malishka asks Rupali about Rishi and she says she doesn’t know. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is missing too and she calls Rishi. Rishi sees Lakshmi seeing Malishka’s call.

Episode ends.

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