Bhagyalakshmi 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Ezhil shares about Amirtha to Bhagya

Bhagyalakshmi 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Radhika calling her divorce case lawyer and asks her to check the documents of the house which she has sent. The lawyer asks her to send it. Ishwari serves coffee to Gopi. Gopi asks about Bhagya when Ezhil comes with Iniya, Bhagya, Jenny and Selvi. Iniya happily shares about how she’s very much proud of Bhagya. Gopi asks Jenny why did she go with them.

Chezhian too says the same. Jenny says she didn’t do any work. Selvi shares about the trouble faced by them due to Selvi. Gopi says that all these politics happens outside and that’s why it’s not suitable for Bhagya. Jenny asks how will Bhagya learn without experiencing it. Iniya says before she used to stop Bhagya from coming to her school as she was embarrassed to introduce her but now she feels bad for it. She says everyone praised Bhagya including her teachers.

Bhagya says it it’s true that one needs their own identity to gain respect. Lawyer calls Radhika and says that all the documents are right and asks about the cost. Radhika says about it and Lawyer says it’s reasonable price too. Radhika wonders why did Gopu say that there’s fault in documents when everyone are saying it’s right.

Ezhil shares with Bhagya about Amirtha and her past. Bhagya praises Amirtha and says everyone smiles before others but they all have hidden pains in them. She asks Ezhil go support Amirtha whenever he could and Ezhil aggress. Sundari comes there and asks Bhagya why she called her.

Bhagya’s asks did she spoke with her husband. Sundari says that she did but her husband is very much upset with the reason they gave for rejection. She says she’s also angry o her for saying that there’s problem with documents. Bhagya says she has no idea about it as its Radhika who said so. She asked for money when Sundari says that she invested all the money in painting as they demanded the house soon. She asks them to wait till she gets advance from another buyer so that they cam pay them and leaves.

 Bhagya gets worried but Ezhil asks her not to. Gopi comes to Radhika’s house and Radhika asks with whom he checked the documents with. Gopi says his company lawyer for which Radhika says she checked with other lawyer too and they said there’s no fault in the document. Gopi gets shocked hearing it.