BhagyaLakshmi 4th June 2024 Written Update: Lakshmi donates her blood to Neelam

BhagyaLakshmi 4th June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Malishka telling Kiran that the decorated glass wall is standing on the wheel and the decorator asked me to keep everyone away as it’s dangers if screws gets removed. Malishka puts the doll under wheel. Kiran asks Malishka what’s she doing. Malishka tells Kiran about her plan to frame Paro. Kiran says it’s risky for Neelam life. Malishka says Neelam needs to bear it and assures Kiran saying Neelam will be fine. Kiran advises Malishka to record the video. Malishka agrees.

Malishka takes Neelam to the stage. Malishka shows the doll to Paro. Paro goes to get her doll. Malishka asks Anushka to record everything in the party. Rohan is about to go near Neelam. To stop Rohan from going near Neelam, Kiran asks Rohan if she can cut the cake with him. Rohan agrees. Malishka sees Parvati pulling her doll. Malishka asks Neelam to share her opinion on Rohan’s birthday. Neelam starts saying her feelings. Paro takes the doll out from the wheel. Malishka sees glass decoration is about to fall on Neelam and questions Paro what she did.

Before anyone could respond, the decorated glass wall falls on Neelam. Neelam falls unconscious. Everyone gets shocked. Rishi, Lakshmi, and family members try to take Neelam to the hospital but the road is blocked due to an issue. Lakshmi solves the issue and they rush Neelam to the hospital. Doctors take Neelam to the ICU. Rishi remembers his moments with Neelam.

Shalu sees Rohan and Paro are upset. She tries to cheer up them but she fails. Everyone feel worried for Neelam. Aanchal tells everyone that she will catch the culprit and asks Malishka to call the decorator. Doctor comes there. Family members ask her about Neelam’s condition. The doctor asks Oberoi’s to arrange blood for Neelam. The Oberoi family worries about the blood for Neelam. The doctor says to Oberoi family that that there is no blood of Neelam’s group in any blood banks as there is a train accident and says all the blood has been gone for train accident patients. Lakshmi tries to tell the doctor that her blood matches with Neelam but Aanchal interrupts her. Lakshmi leaves from there. The Oberoi family try to use their contacts to get blood for Neelam.

Lakshmi comes to the nurse and says to the nurse that her blood group matches with Neelam. The nurse decides to tell the Oberoi family about it. Lakshmi asks the nurse to hide that she is the donor. The nurse agrees.

Malishka reveals to Kiran that Lakshmi’s blood matches with Neelam. Kiran asks Malishka to make sure Lakshmi doesn’t give her blood. Malishka agrees. Malishka says to Kiran that the cops will arrest Parvati and take her to remand home.

The nurse comes and says they found a donor for Neelam. The Oberoi family feels relieved hearing it.

Episode ends.

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