BhagyaLakshmi 6th June 2024 Written Update: Lakshmi demands Rishi to stay away from Parvati

BhagyaLakshmi 6th June 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Rishi asking his family who called the cops. Aanchal says to Rishi that she called the cops. Rishi asks Aanchal how could she do something like that. Rishi reprimands Aanchal. Aanchal asks Rishi not to forget who is he talking to and comments on him. The doctor comes and asks the Oberoi family to stop their argument. The doctor tells them only 2 members can stay in the hospital. She leaves from there. Rishi says he will stay in the hospital. Aanchal says she will stay here and asks Malishka to stay with her. Malishka agrees.

Lakshmi and Shalu come to the juvenile home. Lakshmi requests Juvenile officer to allow her to meet Parvati. The juvenile officer agrees and takes them to meet Paro.

Later, Malishka thanks Aanchal for filing a complaint against Paro trusting her. Aanchal says she did everything for Neelam. She says she will go to any extent to punish the culprit. Malishka says Rishi will support Paro and her mom going against them. Aanchal says Rishi has to accept her decision.

Lakshmi and Shalu meet Paro. Parvati cries hugging Lakshmi. Lakshmi comforts Parvati and tells her that she is with her. Parvati requests Lakshmi and Shalu to take her home. Lakshmi assures to take her home. Lakshmi goes to talk to the Juveline officer.

Lakshmi asks Juveline officer to send Parvati with her. The juvenile officer says she can’t send Parvati with her. She advises Lakshmi to hire the best lawyer to take Paro home. Lakshmi agrees. Lakshmi goes to Parvati. Parvati asks if she can go home with them. Lakshmi remembers about Dadi’s gift. She ties that protection thread to Parvati. She tells Paro that it will give her strength. Lakshmi asks Parvati to adjust in the Juvenile home for one day. Parvati agrees.Lakshmi hugs Parvati.

Harleen worries about Neelam in the Oberoi mansion. Anushka and Karishma return to the Oberoi mansion. Harleen asks Karishma why isn’t anyone picking up her calls. Karishma asks Harleen to calm down and says Neelam is out of danger and she is under observation. Karishma is about to take Harleen away from there but Harleen overhears Anushka saying it’s a good thing that Parvati has gone to remand home. Harleen gets shocked hearing it.

Aanchal says she has to do some paperwork and she leaves from there. Malishka comes to Neelam who is unconscious and thanks Neelam for always supporting her. Malishka says to Neelam even now she put her life on the line to get rid of Lakshmi and Parvati. Malishka says it’s another thing that she doesn’t know about all of this.

Lakshmi comes to the remand home warden and thanks the warden for allowing them to meet Parvati. The warden she used to have a kid but now that kid there is no more. Lakshmi comforts the warden.

Rishi and Ayush come to the remand home. Rishi asks Lakshmi where is Parvati. Lakshmi takes Rishi out of the remand home and says to Rishi how much she has done for Parvati. Lakshmi asks Rishi to stay away from Parvati. Rishi asks Lakshmi why is she speaking like he is responsible for the wrong things that happened in her life. Lakshmi says yes.

Episode ends.

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