BhagyaLakshmi 9th April 2024 Written Update: Rishi and Parvati come to Sarpanch house

BhagyaLakshmi 9th April 2024 Written Update On

The episode starts with Parvati saying to Rishi that he is speaking exactly like Lakshmi and asks Rishi if Lakshmi taught him all this. Rishi says yes in his heart.

Rishi stops the car at a y Junction. Rishi and Parvati notice the trail of petrol and recalls that Ranjit’s car has a problem and thinks Ranjit’s car is leaking this petrol. Rishi thinks if they follow this trail then they will find Lakshmi and he says to Parvati about it. Parvati decides to teach a lesson to Ranjit and asks Rishi for his help. Rishi agrees.

The Oberoi family worries about Rishi, Ayush and Malishka. Avinash says everything is going to be fine. Karishma says how will everything be fine and comments on Avinash. Harleen asks Karishma what happened.

Karishma says to Harleen that Ayush and Malishka have also gone to Gurudaspur. Harleen says it’s a good thing and says with Ayush and Malishka’s help Rishi will be able to save Parvati easily. Karishma comments on Harleen as even in this situation she is worrying about Parvati instead of Rishi and others. Karishma thinks from when Parvati has set foot into this house and she later recalls Parvati’s mother has also stepped into this house and thinks it is Lakshmi inauspiciousness that brought bad luck to this house. Harleen comments on it. Harleen says she is worried about Rishi as from when Rishi has got into trouble Lakshmi is always there to save Lakshmi but she is not present this time. Harleen still thinks everything is going to be fine.

Sumer slaps Ranjit and scolds him. Sumer says Shalu has gone to the cops and says the cops might catch him any time and he asks Ranjit to run away from here. Ranjit says to Sumer that he is doing all of this for him and says once he marries Lakshmi, all of Lakshmi’s land will belong to them. Sumer hearing this praises Ranjit.

Ranjit asks Sumer to go home as the cops might come there searching for him. Sumer agrees and leaves from there. The Pandit comes to Sarpanch’s house. The Pandit prepares for the wedding.

The cops take back the gun from Shalu. The inspector says to Shalu to just stay here and says his senior officer team has already went to save Lakshmi and Oberoi.

Ayush comes to the police station. Ayush files a missing persons complaint about Rishi, Malishka and Parvati. The police says to Ayush how another woman stole his gun worrying about Parvati. The police inspector points to Shalu but another cop blocks Ayush’s eye sight and he couldn’t see Shalu.

Shalu leaves the police station as she decides to search for Lakshmi and Oberoi on her own. Shalu runs into Malishka but she doesn’t see her face.

Neelam worries about Rishi’s Dosh affecting Rishi again. Neelam decides to go and meet the Pandit and says to Karishma about it. Neelam calls the Pandit and says she wants to meet him. The pandit agrees.

Rishi and Parvati come to Sarpanch’s house they hide the car aside.

Lakshmi regains consciousness and asks Rabjit where is Oberoi. Ranjit says he should have gone to heaven by now and asks Lakshmi to sit in the Mandap. Lakshmi argues with Ranjit and tries to escape but Ranjit’s henchmen stop Lakshmi.

Rishi asks Parvati to hide in some place as he doesn’t know how many goons there are inside. Parvati agrees.

Shalu sees Parvati isn’t in the hiding spot she hide her so she calls Oberoi. Parvati attends the call and says she is with Oberoi. Shalu feels relieved that Parvati is safe and sound.

Vijayendar says to Ranjit he is crossing the line. Ranjit says he will tell about his extra marital affair to his wife. Vijayendar hearing it goes silent.

Episode ends.

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