Bhagyalakshmi 9th July 2021 Written Update: Bhagya joins driving school.

Bhagyalakshmi 9th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ezhil getting shocked on knowing about Amirtha’s in laws knowing about his identity. He asks what did he say about it for which Amirtha says that he had the same doubt as her that whether he planned the whole incident. Ezhil panics and says he didn’t and says he will even find the thief and let them know the truth. Amirtha laughs and says that she believes him.

Chezhiyan comes there and Amirtha cuts the call. Chezhiyan asks if he’s speaking with Amirtha and asks him whether he’s courting her. Ezhil says that she’s just his friend and Chezhiyan says it’s good. He says family members are already disappointed with his marriage and doesn’t want the same to repeat with him. Ezhil says he will not marry according to family’s wish but will only marry according to his wish. He says that he can marry as per his wish but why should he listen to family’s wish and leaves.

Bhagya dreams about riding a bike in her dream and everyone greeting her. Iniya wakes up with her sleep talks and finds her behaving strange. She asks what she was doing for which Bhagya said that she was dreaming about driving scooty and asks what vehicle does she like. Iniya says she only likes car. Bhagya is drowned in happiness of driving the scooty in her dream. Iniya gets scared when Bhagya acts abnormal while Bhagya is filled with dreams of driving a scooty.

Next day, Bhagya visits Radhika’s House and scares Radhika thinking her to be Mayu. Radhika greets her and Bhagya says she made sweet and came to share some with them. She asks if she cooked for Mayu lunch and Radhika says she has to. Bhagya says she brought lunch for her and asks her not to worry. Radhika asks why she’s stressing herself for which Bhagya says it’s nothing as she’s used to walking and it’s not a long distance. Radhika asks why don’t she buy a two wheeler so that it can be used for her business as well as other temporary purposes. Bhagya gets surprised when Radhika spoke her minds thoughts. She later takes her leave.

While passing by she saw a driving school. Bhagya hesitates at start but immediately decides to enquire about it. She enters the driving school and asks details about it. The employee says that they train using women and course will be for 10 days with their comfortable time. She also says that they themselves will get license for them after completion. Bhagya asks how much is the fees and they say 4000. Bhagya says she didn’t bring with her now and says she will bring soon. Bhagya comes home and Gopi asks where she went. Bhagya says she visited Radhika’s house and Gopi’s face changes hearing it