Bhagyalakshmi 9th June 2021 Written Update: Mayu warns Gopi for his misbehaviour

Bhagyalakshmi 9th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gopi asking Bhagya that why her friend is contradicting her statement time to time. Ishwari too agrees with it for which Bhagya says that Radhika’s friend has confused her and thus she apologized for the same. Everyone calms down a bit but Gopi is still fuming. He goes back to his room and angrily scolds both Radhika and Bhagya. He looks fuming at the shirt gifted by Bhagya and removes it and throws away.

He is angry with Bhagya and Radhika’s closeness. Gopi comes down wearing another shirt and Bhagya asks about it. He lies that there was stain on that shirt and walks away. Bhagya looks upset when Ramamoorthy asks what happened to Gopi suddenly. Ishwari says that Gopi is not happy with Radhika’s decision to buy the house. Both Ramamoorthy and Ishwari argue over it when Bhagya goes to her room. She checks the shirt and finds no stain in it. She gets upset.

Gopi comes to Radhika’s house and greets Mayu. Mayu replies in a taunting way for which Radhika asks her to behave. Gopi slowly opens about the house buying issue and asks Radhika about her decision. Radhika says that she already decided to buy it and informed teacher about it. Gopi asks why didn’t she discuss with him for which Radhika said that he was against it from start and so she didn’t ask him. Gopi gets even more angry hearing it and shouts at Radhika. He asks why would he visit her house when there’s no value for him in the house.

 Radhika tries explaining but Gopi doesn’t listen and kept lashing out at her. Mayu got furious at this and questions Gopi for shouting at her mother. She warns him to not repeat it and Gopi leaves apologising both. Mayu asks Radhika that why Gopi shouted at her and says she didn’t like it at all when he shouted at here as he resembled her father. She feels bad for her mother when Radhika says that he was just caring for her and not to worry. Radhika is in Bhagya’s house and apologizes for the trouble. Bhagya and others asks her to let it go.

Sundari comes there and taunts Radhika for rejecting earlier. They sort it out by Radhika apologizing and Sundari gets convinced. Radhika gives her 25 lakh post dated cheque and promises to give the rest after register. Sundari leaves and Ramamoorthy asks when is she going to conduct house warming ceremony. Radhika says except them she’s not inviting anyone as her mother also won’t come as she’s not well. Ramamoorthy himself finds aj auspicious date for the ceremony.

Precap : Iniya invites Gopi for Radhika’s House warming. Gopi declines when Iniya asks why he always hesitates in terms of Radhika. Gopi stammers and Ezhil notices it.