Bhagyalakshmi: Amirtha’s family feels thankful towards Ezhil.

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Vijay Tv’s popular show Bhagyalakshmi never fails to entertain the audience with its engaging storyline and interesting twists in the show. Earlier we have seen that Ezhil took help from Gopi for a loan while Radhika asked Gopi to stop visiting her. Now it will be seen that Ezhil will spot Gopi and Radhika at a restaurant and will lash out at Gopi.

Previously we have seen that Bhagya tried the Gujarati dish at night and m regretted for not trying it before cooking. It turned out well after multiple tries while Everyone praised Bhagya. They asked why didn’t she get money for the order for which Bhagya said that she needs to face the loss in order to not act overconfident in the future. Ezhil requested Gopi to get a loan for his work and Gopi assured him to get one. Gopi will visit Radhika House and Radhika asked him to not visit the house anymore for Mayu. Gopi puts up an emotional act and asked Radhika to meet outside and she agreed.

In the future episodes, we will witness, Radhika and Gopi will visit a restaurant where Ezhil will also be present with his friend. Radhika will share about her miseries and Gopi will comfort her. Ezhil will spot Gopi with Radhika’s face on his shoulder and will be utterly shocked. He will notice their closeness and will fume with Gopi’s double face. Gopi will send off Radhika and will notice Ezhil and gets shocked. Ezhil will lash out at Gopi for cheating on his mother and will leave the place. He will be worried about how to say the truth to Bhagya while Gopi will panic fearing the consequences. Amirtha’s family will feel grateful to Ezhil for his help and visit.

Will Ezhil reveal the truth to Bhagya? Will Gopi continue his affair with Radhika? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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