Bhagyalakshmi and Pandian stores Maha Sangam 22nd June 2021 Written Update: Bhagya’s family hurt over Chezhiyan’s actions.

Bhagyalakshmi and Pandian stores Maha Sangam 22nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prashant taking Aishwarya with him and Ezhil notices Kannan’s hatred towards Prashant. He asks the reason for it but Kannan covers it up with lie. Ezhil understands something and asks Kannan if he likes Aishwarya and Kannan says yes. Ezhil says that it’s wrong as Aishwarya likes Prashant and not him. He says all this will come and go and will ask him to forget and move on ad he has lots in store for future.

 Kannan agrees and leaves. Jenny calls her father and asks him to contact Chezhiyan as he wanted to speak with him. She cuts the call when Eshwari comes there. She asks whom she was speaking with when Jenny says that she was speaking with her father. She asks if she said about their stay there and Jenny says yes. She also adds that it’s Chezhiyan who asked her to call. Eshwari taunts her for not knowing even simple thing when Jenny says he didn’t ask her to call for informing about their stay. Eshwari asks the other reason and that’s when Jenny realized her mistake. She tried diverting the topic and forces her to speak up the truth. Jenny says she would be hurt if she gets to know about it.

 Eshwari still forces her and Jenny finally reveals that Chezhiyan is planning to buy a flat and wants to give the money to her father to pay the advance. Eshwari gets shocked hearing it and asks why did he inform about it to them. Jenny says she told him to inform but he said they will inform later. Eshwari gets extremely angry upon learning this when Jenny says that he may have planned it for a surprise. She pleads her to not say Chezhian that she told about it to her. Eshwari gets worried.

Ezhil is drawing Iniya’s portrait and Kasthuri and Malli joins her. He starts drawing all the three one by one. Jenny asks Bhagya of he knows to draw when Bhagya says she herself is surprised. Kasthuri asks him to draw her beautiful when Mullai teases her. Malli says that she’s going to hang it in living room and finally Ezhil completes his drawing. Everyone asks him to show the drawing but Ezhil hides it.  Iniya forcefully snatches the papers from him  and passes it to Kasthuri and Malli.

 Everyone gets shocked seeing the trashy drawing and scolds Ezhik While the others ladies laughed at them. Gopi comes there with shopping bags that contain chicken and mutton. Everyone gets shocked seeing it while Prashant praises Gopi for his buying skills. Everyone surprisingly asks what happened to him when Gopi says he just changed for good and left with Prashant to clean it. Everyone are still unable to come to terms with his change.

Malli invites Eshwari for lunch but Eshwari says she will have later. Malli finds her upset and asks the reason for it but she doesn’t reveal it. Malli goes to Bhagya and says the same. Bhagya and Kasthuri goes to meet with Eshwari and finds her crying . Eshwari asks Bhagya to call Gopi when asked the reason for it. Gooi cones there and Eshwari says about Ezhil planning to buy a house without informing them. He gets surprised and calls Chezhiyan. The family confronts Chezhiyan regarding it but Chezhiyan stands speechless. Eshwari asks Jenny to say and Jenny explained whatever happened.

Everyone is disappointed with Chezhiyan and asks if they would think bad for him that he hid the matter from them. Chezhiyan is dumbfounded while Everyone expressed their displeasure. Chezhiyan tries reasoning it but none listened to him. They all left disappointed while Chezhiyan looks angrily at Jenny. Kasthuri shares whatever happened with Malli, Dhanam and Mullai. They all express their displeasure towards Chezhiyan when Bhagya comes there. She asks them to eat as none of them are having an appetite. They asks what’s the problem and Bhagya reveals whatever happened. She says Gopi is the most disappointed. Everyone feels bad for her.

Precap : Chezhiyan confronts Jenny and is about to slap her when Dhanam stops him. She scolds him for raising hand against a girl. Chezhiyan insults her and askd her to mind her business.