Bhagyalakshmi and Pandiyan stores Maha Sangam 14th June 2021 Written Update: Radhika postpone the House warming function

Bhagyalakshmi and Pandiyan stores Maha Sangam 14th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aishwarya notices Kannan sitting with his friend and goes near him. Kannan is worries about the incident. When Aishwarya sits beside him he sits little far from her. Aishwarya sits close to him to irritate him. Kannan questions her why is she here doesn’t Prasanth come to meet her today? Aishwarya understands what’s bothering Kannan and lies to him today he didn’t come that’s why she is here to talk with Kannan. Kannan questions her Is she talking with him because Prasanth didn’t come to meet her? She nods to her. Kannan gives lame excuses to her and leaves from there. Aishwarya’s friend questions her what’s running on her mind? Prasanth is behind her always and proposing her but she didn’t give heed to him. If she is in her place then she would have accepted him.

Aishwarya tells her she is not like her. She questions her if she likes Kannan then why is she hurting his feelings like this? Aishwarya tells her she likes the way Kannan hate to see Prasanth talking with her. She wanna see Kannan taking advantage of the situation and stops her from talking with Prasanth. Kannan friend badmouthed on Aishwarya for being double standard. Kannan warns him to stop looking down on her. Kannan tells him Aishwarya is not wrong from her point of view. She has no parents living in aunty house. She needs money and safety he can’t able to give it now. She wanna wait for three years for him. So its better Prasanth marrying her. She will be settled soon. His friend asks him to forget her atleast.

Gopi family reaches to the village. Bhagya questions her mother in law Is she has any idea whose house is this? She nods negatively. Gopi takes everyone inside the house and questions them how is this house? They says beautiful. Iniya comments he planned this surprised so she can’t able to pack her bag well. Bhagya tells him he shouldn’t have taken them to here on this day reasoning Today is Radhika’s house warming day. Gopi’s mother to agrees with Bhagya and comments she and her husband arranges everything for her house warming function but can’t able to attend the function. What will she think about them? Gopi tells them he wishes to spend time with his family that’s why he brought everyone here.

Chezhiyan tells him he didn’t get time to inform to his office also? Gopi asks him to work from here. Bhagya is still disappointed with Gopi’s sudden trip. She thinks Radhika may feel lonely there. She didn’t even informed to her about this sudden trip also. Gopi lies to her that he has so many meeting in bank. Many works are pending but everything got canceled. He wishes to take a break that’s why. Ezhil comments he usually don’t like to spend time with them. Gopi adds that he is always suspecting him. Bhagya is always working in kitchen she needs breaks too. He wishes to appreciates her for proved herself in Iniya’s school. Bhagya feels happy to hear it. Gopi asks them to take rest.

Malli takes Dhanam and Mullai to her house. Prasanth and Kannan takes the bag inside the house. Mullai tells her that house looks so big. Malli says she will feel her legs are paining if she looks around the house thoroughly. Mullai sits there and says she will look around later. Malli asks Prasanth to bring tender coconut to all. Dhanam tells her she never thought she will bring her here to worship in Meenakshi temple. Malli says to Dhanam she wishes to pray for her baby so its the correct time to pray or else it will postpone for small small things. After baby will born then she won’t get time to do such things. Mullai questions her when are they leaving? Malli says to her she won’t allow them to leave they wanna stay there at least two days. Dhanam deny it reasoning so much works are pending in house. Malli and Prasanth tries to convince them. Malli tells them she wanna bring her parents here to stay with her for some days, reasoning they are thinking she is suffering here.

Bhagya calls to Radhika and apologies to her for not able to attend the function. Radhika asks her to stop worrying about it. Bhagya says to her Husband planned this all surprised and informed them to leave early morning. They didn’t spend time like this before he is so happy today. Radhika tells her its ok. Bhagya questions her Is house warming function over? Radhika tells her she postponed the function because she won’t celebrate it without Bhagya. Bhagya assures to her she will return to Friday and attend the function. Radhika thank her and disconnect the call. Bhagya informs it to Gopi and leaves from there. Gopi gets irritate to hear it and thinks all his plans are ruined.

Kannan is feeling bored there Prasanth comes there to start a conversation with him but Kannan dislikes it. Kannan talks with Aishwarya in phone. Aishwarya pulls his leg while mentioning Prasanth name. Kannan disconnects the call seeing Prasanth there. Prasanth enquires to Kannan who is on call? He warns Kannan to forget if he has any thought to love Aishwarya reasoning she is his girl. She top likes him she even agreed to marry him. Kannan gets disappointed to hear it.

Malli is cooking there Prasanth comes there. She complaints to him that she proudly said to Mullai she has four servants in home but today none came to work. What will Mullai think about her. Prasanth shares to Malli that he likes one girl. He wishes to marry Aishwarya. Malli complaints that She has no parents she is living in Kasthuri house. Prasanth tells her he loves her money is matter to him. She assures to him that she will arrange for his marriage. Mullai talks with Kathir in phone. Malli complaints to her that mom didn’t agree to come here. Mullai tells her she has leg pain how will she travel this much alone? Malli says she will send her car to pick her up. Mullai asks Malli to stop showing off her rich back ground. It’s irritating to the core.

Episode end.