Bhagyalakshmi: Ezhil is disgusted with Gopi’s move.

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Vijay Tv’s popular show Bhagyalakshmi never fails to entertain the audience with its engaging storyline and interesting twists in the show. Earlier we have seen that Ezhil spotted Gopi and Radhika at a restaurant and lashed out at Gopi. Now it will be seen that Gopi buys a scooter for Bhagya and Ezhil will be disgusted with Gopi’s move to shut him.

Previously we have seen that, Radhika and Gopi visited a restaurant where Ezhil would also be present with his friend. Radhika shared about her miseries and Gopi comforted her. Ezhil spotted Gopi with Radhika’s head on his shoulder and was utterly shocked. He noticed their closeness and fumed with Gopi’s double face. Gopi sent off Radhika and noticed Ezhil and got shocked. Ezhil lashed out at Gopi for cheating on his mother and left the place. He was worried about how to say the truth to Bhagya while Gopi panicked fearing the consequences. Amirtha’s family felt grateful towards Ezhil for his help and visit.

In the future episodes, we will witness, Ezhil will be upset about how to reveal the truth to Bhagya. Amirtha will thank Ezhil for bringing back the happiness in her family. Gopi will buy a scooter for Bhagya and the whole family will be extremely happy. Bhagya will be elated by this sudden move and will be on cloud nine. Ezhil will come home worried only to witness the happy environment. He will understand that it’s Gopi’s plan to shut him and will be disgusted by his move. Bhagya will go for a ride with Gopi and Ezhil will watch it painfully. He will confront Gopi for his cheap move but will be unable to reveal the truth to Bhagya citing her happiness. Bhagya will happily flaunt her gift to Selvi.

Will Ezhil reveal the truth to Bhagya? Will Bhagya learn the truth about Gopi’s betrayal?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
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