Bhagyalakshmi FF| Secretly Yours| Part – 25

Scene begins in Rishi thinks Lakshmi is really interesting character. She can able to judge the person in their first meeting itself. If he wouldn’t have fell in love with his ladoo then he would have fall in love with this girl. She is so kind and understanding one. Lakshmi tells him traffic cleared let’s leave. Rishi nods and start the car. After few minutes they reaches to temple and notices Ayush there. He asks Rishi why are they late? He was waiting for them from long. Rishi asks him to enquire his sister in law what happened after returned to home? He asks him Is he arranged everything for pooja? Ayush tells him that priest is already waiting for them. Lakshmi asks Rishi to remove his shoe and socks. Rishi makes faces and do it. They enters into temple. He gets surprised seeing the long line there. Rishi asks Ayush to give money to that priest then only he will let them go inside without standing in line. Ayush tells him it won’t happen here everyone might stand in line to reach near idol. Rishi makes faces hearing it. Lakshmi chuckles seeing it.

Lakshmi asks them to wait and goes to collect pooja things. She brought white lotus. Rishi asks her doesn’t they use pink Lotus for pooja? Lakshmi says to him she likes white lotus that’s why she brought it. She doesn’t know which color flower use it for pooja? Random lady tells her there is no such rules here. All flowers are same to god. God will only see their prayers not color. Rishi feels embarrassed hearing it. Lakshmi again chuckles hearing it. Rishi says to Ayush that first time he heard Lakshmi doesn’t know anything about one thing. So he tried to take class to her using this situation but that lady ruined everything. He glares at that lady. Ayush says to him it seems she took class to him on the way. He reminds the traffic incidents and nods to him.

Rishi feels so hot there. His feets are burning in that place. He struggles to stand in that long line. Lakshmi notices this and feels bad for him. She takes the water bottle from her handbag and poured water on his feet. He gets surprised by her act. She asks him Is he feeling good now? He nods with her. After few minutes they reaches near idol. Few men’s are pushing Lakshmi from behind. Rishi dislikes this and let her come in front of him. When they pushes him he collide with her back. Both feels different feelings. After they worship God. Priest asks both of them to sit in hawan. Just then someone calls Ladoo stop there. Rishi’s attention turns towards that girl.

Screen froze

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