Bhagyalakshmi FF| Secretly Yours| Part – 26

Scene begins with Rishi hears someone mentioning as Ladoo. His attention turns towards that person. One lady calls her daughter in that name. Rishi feels sudden pain in his chest. Lakshmi shakes him to bring out of his transe. He wipes his tears and concentrate on Pooja. Ayush touch his shoulder in consoling way. Priest asks Rishi to do pradarshanam with his wife. He shouldn’t leave her hand at any moment. Rishi nods and takes Lakshmi from there. Ayush asks Priest why shouldn’t he leave her hand? Is there any reason behind this rituals? Priest tells him they are gonna do pradarshanam in pool temple. That temple will be drown for 11 months and comes out only one month in a whole years. That temple is very special. That temple floor slippery So he advise all the couples to hold each other hands while taking pradarshanam. He adds that most of them fails to complete it which will reflects their life. If they compete it together then no one can’t able to separate them. They will be together for 7 births. Ayush waits for them to know the result.

Rishi and Lakshmi are doing pradarshanam. Both of them couldn’t walk properly there because floor is slipping. Lakshmi falls on Rishi’s chest. He holds her by her waist. They shares an eye lock with each other. She feels her heart beating faster. He comes to earth and somehow finished the pradarshanam without taking hand from her. Ayush staring them in shock. Rishi asks him where did he lost? Ayush about to share the matter with him but didn’t thinking he don’t trust his words. He thinks let’s destiny decides whom belongs to whom? Rishi lies to him he was staring beautiful girls. Rishi rolls his eyes at him. Lakshmi gets a phone call from hospital. She gets nervous to attend it. Rishi understands her situation and attend it for her.

Rishi shares to Lakshmi that her grandpa got concious but against went to coma. Doctor saying it’s good sign. If he coperate with medicine then soon he will be alright. Lakshmi gets excited and hugs Rishi in happiness. Rishi feels strange inside him. He likes her presence he lost in her hug without his knowledge he wraps his hand around her. Lakshmi shares her happiness to him. She jumps in happiness. She feeds sweets to Ayush and Rishi. He eats it. He adores her happiness. Ayush snaps at him. he mocked at him don’t stare her like this. Rishi glares at him and says he is also human he is genuinely happy for her. Because she only has her grandpa in her life.
Ayush asks him then who is he?

Screen froze

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