Bhagyalakshmi FF| Secretly Yours| Part-27

The scene begins with Rishi says to Ayush that Lakshmi only have her grandpa. Now he is doing better so it’s made me happy too. Ayush asks him then who is he to Lakshmi? Doesn’t he her husband? Why did he treating her like a third person? Rishi about to say something but Ayush stopped him by saying he is well aware what’s he gonna say now. He married her for mom’s happiness and divorce her once he find out his ladoo right? Don’t be selfish Bhai! Rishi says to him he is not that much selfish. He will be a good friend of Lakshmi and choose a best life partner for her. Its his responsibility to give a beautiful life to Lakshmi. He walks away saying this. Ayush thinks he is seeing someone first time whom searching a match for his wife? He also thinks he is damn sure Lakshmi will change his mind and make him fall for her. It’s not his but god’s decison.

Rishi gets inside his car and honking to get Ayush and Lakshmi’s attention. Lakshmi sits beside him. Rishi asks Ayush to get inside he will send someone to take his bike later. Lakshmi requests Rishi to drop her in hospital. She wanna meet her grandpa. Rishi says to her he wanna attend one important meeting in office. Ayush says to him nothing to worry he will drop her in hospital but Rishi deny it resoning he need him to attend that meeting. Lakshmi says to them she will take auto to reach hospital. Ayush asks Lakshmi how will you take auto when we have car? Lakshmi says to him taking bus or auto to reach the place is not new to her. She walks away to caught auto. She leaves from there in auto. Ayush complaints to Rishi that he is doing too much he doesn’t care about Lakshmi at all. Rishi says to him he wanna attend meeting he don’t have time to drop her. He is already getting late to office.

Meanwhile Neelam discussing witg grandma about Rishi and Lakshmi’s horoscope. Rishi reaches there and rushed to his room without noticing them. Neelam searches for Lakshmi there. Ayush informs to her what actually happened in temple? Neelam gets furious hearing about it. She calls Virendran to cancel the meeting. He explains to her it will bring so much loss to them. Neelam demands him to stop Rishi attending this meeting at least. She narrates the incidents to him. Virendran assures her to help her. He sends a message to Rishi that he will handle the meeting he don’t need to attend it. Rishi thinks what happened to dad now? He comes down to inform this to Ayush. Neelam demands him to take her to hospital reasoning doctor called her to inform about Lakshmi’s grandpa’s state. Lets go and meet him there. He about to deny it but she glares at him.

Later Lakshmi is talking with her grandpa emotional by holding his hand. She consoles him that he will regain his conscious and call her name again. Meanwhile Neelam reaches there surprising Lakshmi. She lies to her that Rishi cancelled the meeting for her to meet grandpa. Lakshmi feels happy to hear it. Rishi just smile fake. Lakshmi thank him. They are talking about grandpa’s health condition to them. Later Neelam asks Rishi to take Lakshmi to near by park. He deny it but she glares at him. Rishi agrees to do it. Later Both Rishi and Lakshmi reaches to park. Someone keeps watching them. He tries to pull Lakshmi’s nuptial chain. He demands her to remove her jewels. Rishi asks her to give it. She gives the bangles but refuses to remove nuptial chain. She bites on that person hand. He about to slap her but Rishi fights with them to save her.

Screen froze

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