Bhagyalakshmi: Gopi gets distressed

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Vijay Tv’s popular show Baakiyalakshmi never fails to entertain the audience with its engaging yet progressive storyline. Now the serial focuses on Gopi’s decision to sell his home. Will Ezhil win the challenge?

In the previous episode, Jeny advised Cheiyan to help Ezhil financially. Ezhil and Sathish met the producer to hand over his scripts. Ezhil refused to marry Vashini. Eshwari blamed Bakkiya for Ezhil’s behavior. Bakkiya told Eshwari not to force Ezhil to marry Vashini.

In today’s episode, Ramamoorthy lashes out at Gopi for ruining Bakkiya’s happy life. Ezhil promises and consoles Bakkiya about reclaiming the house. Inya looks at Bakkiya’s home to meet her. Ezhil and Inya meet each other. Inya gets emotional. Ramamoorthy overhears Inya and Ezhil’s conversation. The next day, Ramamoorthy takes a sudden decision to help Bakkiya.

Eshwari advises Ramamoorthy not to sell their property. Ramamoorthy tells Bakkiya to get ready. Ezhil firmly believes that he will arrange money for Gopi. Eshwari invites Gopi home when Ramamoorthy and Bakkiya leave home.

Eshwari informs Gopi about Ramamoorthy’s move. Gopi is distressed. On the other hand, Ezhil approaches the producer to sell his script to a new producer to get money. The producer refuses to get his script.

Will Ramamoorthy will sell his property? will Bakkiya come home with home? How will Ezhil arrange money? Will Cheiyan help Ezhil? Will Ezhil win the challenge? How will Ezhil arrange money? How will Eshwari convince Ezhil to the wedding?

Will Ezhil marry Vashinvani? Will Eshwari accept Amithra?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. Stay tuned for more details.