Bhagyalakshmi: Gopi shocks seeing Mayu

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Vijay Tv’s popular show Bhagyalakshmi never fails to entertain audience with its engaging storyline and interesting twists in the show. Earlier we have seen that Bhagya tried to learn to driver scooter and also she got a Gujarati cooking order by Gopi. Now it will be seen that Ramamoorthy and Ishwari will bring Mayu home to help Radhika while Gopi will get shocked seeing her.

Previously we have seen that, Bhagya was learning driving without informing anyone at home and was about to get caught on various instances. However she managed to escape every single time. On the other hand, Ezhil gelled well with Amirtha’s family and created a happy atmosphere around her in laws. They started considering him as their son. Chezhiyan was still angry with Jenny and kept hurting her time to time for her one mistake. Mayu disliked Gopi’s presence in her house and hated his closeness with her mother.

In the upcoming episodes we will witness, Chezhiyan will try to speak with Gopi but he will not pay attention. Gopi will give a party order of his friend to Bhagya but will still be unsure as the dishes will be Gujarati dishes. Bhagya will assure him that she can do well. Gopi will ask Bhagya to not interfere in his relationship with Chezhiyan. Ramamoorthy and Ishwari will visit Radhika and will learn that Bhagya will be out of town due to work but Mayu will have her exam. They will offer to help her and will take Mayu with them to their house. Gopi will be shocked to find Mayu at his place and will wonder what to do.

Will Gopi escape from getting caught this time too? Will Mayu finds out that Gopi is Iniya’s father? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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