Bhagyalakshmi: Rajesh back in Radhika’s life?

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Vijay Tv’s popular show Bhagyalakshmi currently focuses on Bhagya’s career and Gopi’s affair with Radhika. Earlier its seen that Family tried to lift Ramamoorthy’s mood after he came back home. Now it will be seen that Physiotherapist will visit Ramamoorthy.

Previously we have seen that, Bhagya took care if Ramamoorthy while Ishwari shared her sorrows with Bhagya regarding Ramamoorthy. Ramamoorthy came back home and Bhagya’s children cracked jokes to make him smile along with Selvi. Bhagya, Gopi and Ishwari were happy to see this. However his smile dropped immediately when he saw Gopi and struggled to expose him. Gopi bought wheel chair for Ramamoorthy.

In the future episodes we will witness, Physiotherapist Rajnikant will visit Ramamoorthy and will check him. Iniya will have a crush on him. Everyone will like Physiotherapist and will finalise him for Ramamoorthy’s treatment. They like his energetic vibe and he will also assure them that he will definitely cure Ramamoorthy. On the other hand, Gopi will celebrate Mayu’s birthday with Radhika when Rajesh will make his entry shocking everyone.

Will Rajesh expose Gopi instead of Ramamoorthy? Will Ramamoorthy gets cured?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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