Bhagyalakshmi serial ff| Secretly Yours: Part -1

Scene begins in Temple we can see one luxurious car comes in front of it. One lady in her 40+ gets down from it. Some ladies greets her and her families well about? She answers to those ladies and enters into temple. One of the lady asks to others who is that? Why is everyone giving respect to that lady? She says to her that lady name is Neelam who is very rich wife of Virendran. They gossips about her and leaves from there. Neelam greets the priest and asks him to do pooja on her son’s name reasoning its his birthday today. She mentions his name as Rishi. Priest starts his Pooja there. She hears one girls melodious song it’s caughts get attention there.

Neelam follows that voice and finds one girl singing while plucking flowers for pooja. Some kids are helping her there. Neelam’s attentions turns towards priest. She collects the Prasad from him and asks to him who is that girl? She never saw her here? He informs to her that girls used to visit here all Friday. He reveals her name as Lakshmi.

Neelam smiles hearing her name. He says to her not only her name but her character also resembling goddess lakshmi reasoning she is a kind hearted person and cares about all. People here. Neelam gets happy to hear it and says now a days its hard to find girls like her. She is looking simple but pretty. Neelam takes her leave from there. Whole stepping down she feels dizziness. Before she falling down Lakshmi holds her hand. She tries to wake her up but no use. She breaks the coconut and make her drink that water. Neelam gets her conscious back. She opens her eyes to find Lakshmi there. She enquires to Neelam how is she doing? She assures to her that she is fine.

Lakshmi wipes her sweats with her dhuppatta and hides the sunlight with her shadow. Neelam smiles seeing her care on her. Lakshmi feeds the laddo to her and says she shouldn’t take fasting in this age. It’s not good for her health. Neelam gets surprise and questions her how come she find it out? Lakshmi says to her time she can reads it from her face that she is taking fasting.

Neelam says she is smart. Lakshmi smiles and says to her she shouldn’t come out alone if she is taking fasting. She can understand that she won’t stop taking fasting for her loved ones. But be sure someone is accompanying her. Neelam caresses her hair and says such a good girl she is. She wish she has an good daughter like her too. Lakshmi smiles happily. She helps her to stand up and take her near her car. Neelam gives a smile and leaves from there. Lakshmi checks the time and thinks she is getting late and rushes out from there.

Screen froze