Bhagyalakshmi serial ff| Secretly Yours: Part -13

Scene begins in Rishi returns to home and places the laddo box in living area reminding Lakshmi’s words. He goes to Soniya’s room he checks her and asks his mom to take rest let’s enquire to her tomorrow. Lakshmi has sleepless night on that day. Rishi’s thought keep popping in her mind how much she tries to divert her mind she couldn’t. Next day Neelam gives coffee to Soniya and talks with her calmly. She asks her to share her problems with her and assures to her whatever happened she don’t care she will support her. Soniya shares to Neelam that she loved one person in her college. His name is Rohith. First he was behind her she didn’t accepted his love but he kept proposed to her.

One day she accepted his love too. She wishes to share this to them after she completed her studies. He asked her to don’t share with them till he get a job. She feels him correct. Day by day she understood he was addicted to drugs she advised him to leave it but he gave reasons to her that he was lack of money and problems in his house. She helped him by giving money. She was blind in his love that’s why she failed to understand he was using her for money. She found out he has relationship with other girls too she tried to avoid him but he threatened to release her photos in net. He finally demand her to meet once then he will delete all picture of her. She went there believing his words but he forced her to take drugs and demand her to make his friends happy. When she deny it they made her unconscious and taken to somewhere. When she gets conscious she was going in car she shouts for help that girl helped her to drop in home. Neelam hugs her and consoles her.

Rishi and Ayush too hears it and assured to Soniya that he will take care of this matter nothing to worry. She apologized to him for hiding the truth from him. He consoles her there. Rishi takes his uncle help to caught Rohith and team. Rohith warns Rishi that he will be back one day on that day he will snatch his happiness from him. Rishi didn’t give heed to his words and leaves. Neelam thank god for saving her daughter. Soniya feels relieve after she heard Rohith’s arrest news. Soniya says that she wanna thank that girl whom saved her. Neelam tells her that god send Lakshmi on time or else she can’t able to imagine what would have happened to her. Ayush shares to Neelam that lakshmi helped us three time they might thank her in some way. Neelam too nods.

Lakshmi gets panicked when did her grand father state turned out critical. She feels helpless when no ambulance available on that time. She tries to stop auto but no one stop for her. Just then Neelam and Rishi comes there to meet her seeing her in that condition they enquired to her what happened? She narrated the situation to her. Neelam asks Rishi to admit her grand father in hospital. Later Doctor informs to Lakshmi that her grandfather needs immediate surgery or else it’s hard to save him. She shocked to hear 15 lakhs need for his surgery. She breaks down hearing it because she don’t have enough money to pay. Neelam signals Rishi to pay the bill. He pays the bill without her knowledge. Lakshmi gets surprise to hear they started the surgery. When she enquired in reception she learnt from her Rishi paid the bill. Lakshmi rushes near him and hold his hand emotionally. She thank him from her heart. Her tears itself said to him how much she meant that thanks.

Screen froze

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