Bhagyalakshmi serial ff| Secretly Yours : Part -14

Scene begins in Lakshmi thank Rishi for paying the hospital bill for her grand father. She is crying thinking about her grand father. Rishi has no idea how to console her he asks Neelam to do something he can’t able to see her crying like this! Neelam hugs Lakshmi and consoles her. Just then she finds her faint. She gets panic and admits her in same hospital. Doctor informs to her that she is extremely got emotional. Due to stress she was faint. He advise them to make her eat something she will be alright. Meanwhile Lakshmi gets conscious she enquired to them about her grandpa? Rishi Informs to her still operation is going on. Lakshmi prays for his health.

After 1 hour doctor informs to Lakshmi that her grandpa crossed dangerous state but they are sorry he went to coma. Which shattered Lakshmi a lot there. She about to stumble there but Rishi holds her. She walked away without uttering anything to them. Rishi feels something strange so he follows her behind. It’s heavy raining there Lakshmi walking on rain without feeling it. She about to meet with an accident Rishi saves her on time. He scolds her in tension for being careless. Lakshmi asks to him in tears why it’s me? He stares her in confusion? She asks him why it’s me always facing such situation in her life? Why everyone leaving her like this? Why did no one staying with her life long? She breaks down in front of him and says she lost all her loved ones whom close to her heart. She is scared to being close with anyone in her life. Rishi says to him that in this world nothing is permanent. She shouldn’t lose her hope he is in coma. Soon her love on him will bring him back to normal. Don’t ever think she is alone and think his family as hers. He has no idea why did he mentioned like that. But he wishes to said those words to her.

Rishi takes Lakshmi back to her home because she needs to collect her granpa’s dress from home. He looks around the house it’s small house. He doubts how did she lived in that house these many days. Lakshmi asks him to leave reasoning he already helped her a lot. She will pay back to him little by little. Rishi says that no need of that. She says to him that she don’t like to get any help for free. She asks him to leave. Rishi leaves from there giving space to her. But while driving too something is bothering him. He can’t able to deny that Lakshmi’s crying face flashed on his mind.

Screen froze.

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