Bhagyalakshmi serial ff| Secretly Yours: Part -15

Scene begins in Rishi reaches to home. Neelam enquires to Rishi what happened Is Lakshmi’s granpa doing better? He informs to her that he went to coma there is no hope he will return to his normal days. Neelam feels bad for Lakshmi. He adds that doctor personally informed this to him he was the one asked him to hide this matter from Lakshmi. Neelam asks him why did he done like that? Rishi adds that he went to her home and saw her family photo there. It seems everyone passed away only her grandpa is there for her. It will be hard for her to accept his health condition. Neelam feels bad for Lakshmi when did she heard she has no family. Rishi adds that her house is very small it’s a hut actually. How could she live in that small house? Neelam says let’s help her financially then? He says its impossible because she is not ready to accept our money we gave for her grandpa’s treatment for free.

She said to him that she will return it to him little by little. Neelam feels proud of her self respect. She adds that its hard for us to find out girl like Lakshmi in these days. Her parents upbring her in well manners. Neelam noticed Soniya there. Neelam asks her to check her results in online reasoning her HOD informed to her results are out. Soniya hesitates to answer her. Rishi asks her in doubt Why did she blinking like she didn’t attend your exam? She nods to him. What? Everyone got shocked hearing this. She apologized to them for missing her exam. Neelam says that she failed to keep an eye on her in tension. Rishi asks her to stop thinking about him instead guide Soniya well. Dadi complaints that no one know what going on here? It’s correct that Neelam was too concerned of Rishi’s safety so she failed to keep an eye on Soniya. Dadi strictly said that she shouldn’t go to college hereafter till she clear all her exam? Soniya pleads with her but she is adamant in her decision. Rishi says that he can’t able to do anything in it. Neelam gets some idea. She rushes out taking Rishi with him.

She demands him to drive to hospital. Neelam meets Lakshmi there and enquires her about her grandpa’s treatment and health. Lakshmi assured to her that she will repay her amount. Neelam says that its such an huge amount it’s hard for her to return that money to her. She suggests her to teach her daughter Soniya how to behave with others. Help her in studied she will pay for her like tuition master. Lakshmi says that she didn’t completed her master degree yet. Due to some personal issues. Neelam tells her that she only wanna help her daughter to finish her bachelor degree that’s enough. She can repay her amount with this. It seems she won’t get job without completing her master degree. Lakshmi feels she is right and agrees to accept her deal.

Screen froze.

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