Bhagyalakshmi serial ff| Secretly Yours | Part -22

Scene begins in Lakshmi returns to her room. She takes something in her hand and cries silent. She says to herself that she never expected this day will come to her life. She doesn’t know where this life taking her too? When happiness comes god snatching it from her asap. She never expected to marry a rich person like Rishi in her life. Because she is aware of her status. But I too have some expectation in her life to spend a normal life like other girls. Is it wrong to expect a normal life? she agreed to marry Rishi for Neelam’s sake. she thought she got a beautiful family through her but his words hurting her. Well it’s god’s decision she might accept it. Hope Rishi will get his love in his life. She prays god to cure his grandpa asap. Meanwhile Rishi locked himself in his room. He caresses the arts book. He caressed the pictures of him which his ladoo sketched in it. He thinks how much she loved him secretly but why didn’t she confessed it to him? After she left him he got to know about her love on him. If they are not destined to be together why would this book reach to him? It means she meant to him. They are destined to be together. This marriage is for mom’s sake. He will definitely find his ladoo and get married to her after divorce Lakshmi. He hopes Ladoo will impress mom and get place in her heart.

Days passed Rishi and Lakshmi’s wedding arrangements take place. Rishi attend the function without interest. Lakshmi feels the hate in his eyes for her. She has no option then keep silent there. Neelam whom flying on cloud nine seeing Lakshmi and Rishi together. She is confident that Lakshmi’s luck will save Rishi from all danger. It’s Sangeeth function. Priest comes there to discuss with Neelam about wedding rituals. He alerts her that they might take care of Rishi because he has bad time until clock strike 10. Anything can happen to him in this time so please keep an eye on him. Neelam gets panic hearing it. She notices Rishi whom dancing with Lakshmi uninterested. Ayush forcing him to dance with her. Neelam prays god to protect her son. Meanwhile Lakshmi noticed the chandelier rope untied and it’s gonna fall on Rishi. She pulls him towards her both falls down and rolls on floor. Chandelier breaking sound made everyone shocked. Neelam rushes there to see her son but ended up seeing Lakshmi saved Rishi. Both comes out of the eyelock. Neelam hugs Rishi in tears. He consoles her. Neelam shares to them what did priest said to them few minutes before. Neelam says to Rishi this is why she choose Lakshmi for him. He didn’t give heed to her superstitious belief. He thank Lakshmi for saved him. He walks away leaving two ladies in confusion.

Screen froze

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