Bharathi kan amma and Raja Rani2: Will Sivagami accept Sandhya’s victory?

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“Bharathi kannamma” and “Raja Rani 2” are famous Vijay tv shows. The shows have a separate fan base for the unique love story. Earlier it is seen that Sandhya won the title. Now it’s will see that Sivagami will insult Sandhya.

In the previous episode, it is seen that Adhi teased Paaru for her failed attempt. Though she tried a lot Sandhya won the final round. Paarl narrated to him however she tried to ruin Sandhya’s competition. Sundaram came there and teased him. Sundaram asked Paaru and Adhi why did they have grudges against Sandhya at this young age. Venba sat beside Bharathi and asked him Isn’t be happy to see Kannamma lose in the competition. Bharathi agreed to her. Venba kept provoking against Kannamma. Bharathi asked her why did she showing anger to her toward him? Soundarya met Sandhya and praised her competition. She shared with her how much Kannamma meant to her. Sundaram praised Sandhya. Soundarya teased Kannamma. She said to her why did she give up on Sandhya. Soudarya felt proud of her. Parvathy eavesdropped on their conversation.

In Today’s episode, we see; Tulasi asks Kannamma to pack her things. Lakshmi calls Kannamma to accompany her to the massage center. Kannamma deny it and asks Lakshmi to pack her things. Lakshmi stands adamant not to pack it. Kannamma raises her hand to slap her. Lakshmi rushes out in anger. Tulasi approaches Soundarya and requests her to talk with Kannamma about Lakshmi. She asks Soundarya to up bring Lakshmi. Soundarya talks with Kannamma about it but Kannamma refuses to give Lakshmi to her. Soundarya meets Lakshmi and spends little time with her. Kannamma confronts Lakshmi and apologizes to her. Later Sandhya and Saravanan come there and thank Lakshmi for her help. They share their family matters with Kannamma. Sundaram comes there and bids bye to Kannamma. They take selfies together. Saravanan’s neighbours welcome Sandhya with garland. Sivagami is watching it all in silence. Parvathy tries to provoke Sivagami against Sandhya. Saravanan lashes out at her. Sundaram tries to explain the situation to Sivagami. Sandhya swears on god and says to Sivagami that she won the prize in an honest way. Sivagami teases Sandhya by saying it’s not a big deal to win this competition. She wants to prove herself as a good daughter-in-law in three months that’s matters to her.

What will happen in the next episode? Will Sandhya can able to win Sivagami’s heart with this competition? How will Saravanan gonna convince Sivagami? The upcoming episode will answer our all questions stay tuned to our page.